Dinamo Zagreb-Rijeka

Stake placed: 3 / 10

Final result: Return: 4.5 | Profit: (4.5 - 3) = 1.5

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dinamo win 1,5

dinamo played last week postponed match against osijek in Osijek, and they lost 2-1 but they lost because of the bad wheather.TODAY THEY PLAY AT HOME first match after the break at home!amd i belive that they will win today because next week they play croatian el clasico against HAJDUK and they need a good result before that game.all income off ticket for this game will go for one girl who need help!so i espect more funs for dinamo than usually!last game dinamo lose 3:0 so today is payback for dinamo, because dinamo is the best croatian team even whit subs in league!!yes rijeka did buy some new player at the break and dinamo lost kovacic and vida but they still are the better team than rijeka!!so before the derby against hajduk i belive in home victory!!!