The Strongest-Blooming

Stake placed: 10 / 10

Final result: Return: 15.2 | Profit: (15.2 - 10) = 5.2

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The Strongest are strongest at odds 1.52

I thing The Strongest big favorites here.

They are very good team but their had many problems but got rid of them at last Copa Libertadores match. However, They will have big winning streak in my opinion. So this match is rising match for The Strongest.

Blooming is not playing well away from home. He had last 15 away match 2 won game and 1 draw. It' s terrible performance.

And 20 of the last 25 match played between: 20 victory The Strongest- 3 victory Blooming - 2 draw.

I risk 10 units for The Strongest. Today, I dont think this sunday Blooming can beat the Strongest.
I'm sorry for bad English.

I'm a new south american tipster.