Stake placed: 5 / 10

Final result: Return: 8.6 | Profit: (8.6 - 5) = 3.6

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Benfica win to nil @1,72

This is one of my favourite bets; Benfica or Porto to win with a clean sheet. Especially Porto at home is a safe bet, but this time it is Benfica, and here is some value to be found as well. I haven't counted the times I've won on this kind of bet, but it definitely has a profit of 50%.

Some stats about the home team:

Number two in the league, with a form of 14-4-0. Totalt score: 46-14.
At home they are 6-2-0 with a score of 21-6. Two of these six goals came from Porto, two from Braga in the first game of the league.

Benfica have won to nil in four of eight home games this season, and seen from this angle, the odds of 1,72 is a bit low.

Academica are very defensive minded away from home, with a record of 1-5-2 and a score of 8-8. They will try to defend their way to a draw tonight, but Benfica are a level or two above the rest (apart from Porto) in this league. Academica will not score tonight, and therefore it is up to Benfica to finish it, and I think they will.

Finally, these two team met a month ago in the cup, where Benfica won - with 4-0.