FC Seoul-Incheon United

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FC Seoul -1,00 @ 2,10 Bet365

FC Seoul have the league's two best players in Molina and Damjanovic, and last year the team won 12 out of 15 home games. I think they or Jeonbuk will be champions this season and against a team like Incheon they will score some goals, they have already this season proven they can score. They scored 2 against good team Pohang in the first round, but unfortunately conceded 2 as well (no risk of doing that against Incheon) and the completely massacred Chinese side Jiangsu Sainty in the Champions League by winning 5-1. Dejan Damjanovic said in an interview that he as only one target this season, FC Seoul to win both league and Champions League, and himself being top scorer in both of those competitions. In the K-League there is certainly good chance for him to be top scorer. I think this game will not be very even and I like the -1,00 odds since FC Seoul win almost every game at home every season, and will do so this year as well.

Good luck!