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Tahiti-Solomon Islands



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Tahiti to win against Solomon Islands at odds 1.83


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This is a match in which the Tahiti will accommodate Solomon Islands at the stadium in Noumea, which is the capital of New Caledonia. This is the fifth game of the third round of Oceania qualifying round for the World Championship. This is a meeting of two teams that have qualified for the World Championship entered into second round. They are currently in third and fourth place in the group. In the third round of qualifications achieved very poor results.<br />
Hosted Tahiti in four rounds had all four defeat without a given goals, with goal difference of 0-11. These results are quite surprising, because in the previous round of qualifications were in first place in Group A, with all three winning, with a runner team New Caledonia, which is now by far the leading in a group with all four winning. In the second round of qualifying with New Caledonia met one and defeated them 4-3. In the third round of qualifications they have achieved the following results: In the first round lose in the Solomon Islands 2-0 in a match in which they played the entire second half without excluded Vallar. Then they lost to the New Caledonian 4-0 at home. In the third round they lost to New Zealand 2-0 at home. In the fourth round they again lost to New Zealand 3-0 in a match in which they conceded a goal in the the beginning of the match in which they tried to equalize and received two goals in the final minutes of the match. Since qualifying for the next round goes only winner, the host does not motivation to play than to forgive with dignity of qualifying with a win against objectively weaker teams the Solomon Islands.<br />
Solomon Islands in the second qualifying round has a victory over Tahiti in the first week and three defeats. All three losses were convincing. In the second round at New Zealand 6-1, then at home of New Caledonia 6-2 and last lose 5-0 at New Caledonia. This is the weakest team in the group, but due to unfortunate circumstances by a tangle of Tahiti they are in third place.<br />
In mutual score, the teams are pretty equal. They each have two victories to draw. Goal difference is on the Solomon Islands 7-4. It is interesting that the team of Tahiti plays domestic matches on the courts of New Caledonia, New Zealand and Solomon Islands.

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