James LeBron-NBA Regular Season MVP



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After second title in row Lebron James is going to fight hard to make as much possible trophies, both team and individual. With all trophies he made so far he is definitely part of the NBA history, but it looks like there will be more trophies for one of the best world basketball players of all the time.
He has won so far four times this award and I see huge value in this bet, as all other players are big underdogs compared to him.

Some of players who have small chances for this prize are Kevin Durent, Derrick Rose or Chris Paul, but realistically Lebron is bigger favorite than odds represent.
Durent's Oklahoma looks weaker than last year, because of injury of Westbrook and departure of Kevin Martin, so his chances will be smaller than one in season 2012/13.

Derick Rose is only player, beside James, who has win this award in last five years, but his problem is long lasting injury and it is hard to believe he can repeat such a performances like he had two or three years ago.

Chris Paul for example has good stats, but his team is inconsistent, so beside he needs to improve personal stats Clippers will need to play much better in case Paul will have some chances for the prize.

All in all this is great offer by StanJames and the only "problem" with this bet could be fact that this is long term bet, so we would wait for the outcome before the start of the playoffs.

profitt has a stake of 8/10 in winning this bet.

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