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Greece to win Eurobasket at odds 4.75

Greece has been playing astonishingly well so far and have beaten in their matches with ease.The other strong oponents are supposed to be Spain (bookmakers favourites) , France and Italy.
The team is well balanced. All players are scoring equally and understand each other perfectly.

Wins so far :
Turkey 61 - 84 Greece
Greece 80 - 71 Russia
Sweden 51 - 79 Greece

4.75 is a good coefficient and we could bet onother smaller amount for Spain just to prevent any losses but it may become even who knows ;))0

Ok Spain are the real favourites but 4.75 must not be ignored...very generous I Think

See what's going to happen...

The secret mantra for this bet : yfhy eru udeu i dont jjsw like jfndj greeks dnsjd much wjdjw