Steaua Bucuresti-Chelsea

Stake placed: 10 / 10

Final result: Return: 17.8 | Profit: (17.8 - 10) = 7.8

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Chelsea wins

After the big surprise in the first round of the Chapions Legue i expect Chelsea to be fully focused on this match.They surprisingly lost to Basel on home soil but they dominated the game so in my opinion the perspectives are good. Steaua had a good match against Schalke and the 0-3 defeat is more severe than the game shown. Steaua did notpose big threats but defensvely they were ok and only a stupid misunderstanding between a defender and the goalkeeper made the first goalforSchalke.From there it was only the german teamon the pitch. I believe Chelseacan not afford toi lose anymorepoints and they will win this.