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Valladolid-Atletico Madrid



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Final result: Return: 8.10 | Profit: (8.10 - 5) = 3.1

atletico win

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Footbal. Spanish Primera Division. Valladolid against Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid already won this weak in Champions league, when they quite easily beaten Zenit Sankt Peterburg. Atletico is one of the leaders in spanish championship, while Valladolid is jusst an averge team. So, today I also expect one team dominating and that team should be atletico madrid. Here I choose only normal atletico win just to be more confident. So, good luck to all who agree with me and have a nice day watching spanish primera division. What is more over 2,5 also looks quite good bet here, but for me there will be enough only taletico normal win.

nierkinho has a confidence (stake) of 5/10 in winning this bet.

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10.95 %Yield 130.63Profit
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