Valladolid-Atletico Madrid

Stake placed: 4 / 10

Final result: Return: 6.8 | Profit: (6.8 - 4) = 2.8

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Atl Madrid to win at odds 1.70

What an impressive side Atl Madrid is. Although they lost their star striker Falcao before this season, they have started impressively winning all of their 4 matches, and scoring 14 goals, which provides them the status as the most-scoring team in the Premier Division by now (alongside Barca)

Among their 4 wins, two of them prove quite impressing, as they won 1-3 against the strong side Sevilla, and 1-2 against the even stronger home side of Real Sociedad.

Real Vallalolid is a poorer side, and will probably finish somewhere around mid-low table, where they are currently placed.

I believe that Atletico Madrid will continue their good start and make this a fantastic season, and the odds of 1.7 for an away win is fairly good in my opinion.