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Nenad Krstic over 16,5 points

This is the game for the 7th place on this Eurobasket. At first sight, it might seem that this game is completely irrelevant, but it is not like that. It will decide, which one of these two teams will have the spot at the World cup, next year in Spain and which one will not.
Serbia came to this competition with goal to secure this spot, so this is like a final game for them. They had two dissapointing performances in last two games, but I am looking them to bounce back here.
They have a favorable match up, down low, where Italy has extremly weak rotation, while Serbia sometimes play even with 2 centers in the lineup. Krstic is one of the best centers in europe and he will be main component in their offense today. They will look to exploit his match up against Cusin as often as possible and I believe he will cover this line pretty easily and score around 20 points.