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The match between Slovenia and Ukraine will end with under 154.50 points in ordinary time at odds 1.83


Black Panther  
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This is the only game of the remaining four with absolutely no influence on the results. The hosts have an obligation to their fans, and Ukraine will surely be motivated to celebrate qualifying for the World Championship in front of a big crowd at Stozice

The Slovenes are not depressed because they were eliminated in the quarterfinal, and they will fill up Stozice once again. This will actually be the only real motive for the players in this game, as neither side is under any pressure to win.

Fratello did not make any statements, but Volkov praised him, especially for his tactical work against Italy. They are now in a situation where it doesn't matter if they are in fifth or sixth position, and will be playing a game for the audience.

A line 154 is to me to big for this match and hope they will have good defense tonight. My choice is under in this match

Black Panther has a stake of 9/10 in winning this bet.

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Black Panther  
-0.56 %Yield -106.87Profit
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