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Ukraine to win against Slovenia in ordinary time at odds 5.71


1.63 %Yield 281.01Profit
  • Win rate in competition 56.67 %
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  • Tips in competition 60
  • Yield in competition 11.22 %

I have to give it a shot here, at these odds. This game has absolutely no competitive meaninig, considerin that both teams already secured their spot for the world cup, which will be held in Spain next year.
Slovenia was already 2 times in similar spot in this competition. They were a marginal favorites against Poland in first phase and Finland in second phase, in games, which were not decisive. Guess what, they lost both outright. It is nice that they are speaking about finishing this competition with a win for the fans, but when I remember those two games, I simply don't believe they can give good enough effort in such games.
Ukraine had a great competition and was the most pleasant surprise. They overachived by a mile. They have nothing to prove anymore, but I still have to take this odds.

Imperatore has a stake of 3/10 in winning this bet.

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1.63 %Yield 281.01Profit
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