Schalke 04-Bayern Munich

Stake placed: 8 / 10

Final result: Return: 16.56 | Profit: (16.56 - 8) = 8.56

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Bayern Munich to win the first half!

German Top Flight Football -

Looks to me like a game from the top flight in Getmany in which we could see a good performance from Bayern Munich, think they will prove to strong for Schalke in the game and for this pick I will take Bayern to win the first half.

Both sides played European football midweek so don't think either side will hold they advantage in terms of freshness and if they do I think it will be Bayern with the bigger squad.

Decent performance midweek from Bayern, think they will go into this game looking to kill it off in the first half and will take my chances on Bayern Munich to go into the half time break leading.