Nymburk-Turow Zgorzelec

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 19.26 | Profit: (19.26 - 9) = 10.26

Statistics for Laviam


This league

16 Tips

+16.36 % Yield


3399 Tips

-1.31 % Yield

Nymburk -8.5 @2.14

They both started to the VTB League with one win and one loss.

Nymburk won Kalev match and Turow won St. Petersburg match and these opponents were the easiest teams of their group. So it is not an enough info for comparing. But the lost matches are good I think. Nymburk lost against Donetsk with 6 pts and Turow lost against Unics Kazan 10 pts. Donetsk is the leader now and Nymburk's loss was a little bit more valuable than Turow's then. After comparing results and form, I can say that Nymburk is one level above Turow as game quality. Turow Zgorzelec doesn't play organized in VTB but Nymburk has a game discipline and structure and with this, they are the better side of this match. I expect Nymburk to control this game with their game style and they will win it then. Turow doesn't have power to resist against them and especially because of the fact that the home side is Nymburk, they will surrender totally and I expect Nymburk to win this match with at least 9 difference because of their better form and home advantage.