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Total points in the match over 178.5 at the odds of 1.85

USA VS Russia in the third match at this Grand Champions Cup Women.Both teams have won one match and lost the other.USA played already two tough teams and lost 3-0 against Brazil but they put lots of problems in the first two sets and won in 4 sets against Japan.Russia has won against Dominican Republic and lost to Japan in both cases in 4 sets.
I don't believe this match will finish in three sets and for this line to be passed there are enough even 4 sets.The only think I am afraid of if the sets will have just 4 sets is the tendency of the russians to give up the set if they are few points behind after the second technical time out and not trying to close the gap and fight to defend to the end of the set.I hope they will not do that and they did not do it against Japan, where in a 4 sets match were played 190 points.
Over 178.5 points in the match