Amur Khabarovsk-Ak Bars Kazan

Stake placed: 8 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 8) = -8

Statistics for Laviam


This league

114 Tips

+4.84 % Yield


3399 Tips

-1.31 % Yield

1st Period Result: Draw @2.85

Amur Khabarovsk is the 13th team and Bars Kazan is the first and leader team of the Eastern Conference of KHL.

Bars Kazan lost last match against Vladivostok unexpectedly and now they will be ambitious but they will also be careful not to make mistakes. On the other side, Amur Khabarovsk is one of the worst teams in the league with Metallurg Novokuznetsk and they will only aim to find an opportunity to score with a surprise movement. They will play defensive and Bars Kazan will not force for a goal. Because of these 2 defensive mentalities, I expect this match to have a calm and slow game in first period. Match may change in next periods but with both sides' careful and defensive games, I expect first period to end as a draw.