Tours vs Nancy

Stake placed: 6 / 10

Final result: Return: 14.16 | Profit: (14.16 - 6) = 8.16

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2 Tips

+18.00 % Yield


45 Tips

+6.33 % Yield

Tours - Nancy over 2.5

The reason for this bet is the statistics of the home team. Of the 22 matches in the league have a 41:35 balance sheet. At home in 10 games with 25-13 score goals. For the last 10 matches Tours only one did not go to over 2.5 and there were several Over 3.5 All these data are in favor of the bet and the only problem lies at home because they do play a more closed but not enough to prevent the over. Nansy the last round defeated Le Havre 3-2 and it gives me real optimism for passage type