Cycling Tips

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Cycling often refers to a variety of types of bike racing, including road bike racing, mountain bike racing, bmx bike racing, indoor track bike racing,  as well as a host of variations such as the cycling portion of a triathlon. These races can be of varying lengths, from just a few short laps to thousands of miles, such as the well-known Tour de France.

Because of the different demands of cycling courses, bikes have been adapted to perform in varying conditions. For example, a road bike tends to have a more streamlined, aerodynamic form with thinner tires and different gear settings while mountain bikes tend to be smaller so the rider has more control. They also tend to have suspension to absorb the rough terrain. Likewise, bmx bikes are extremely small and meant for jumping and doing tricks. Because of the wide variation in bikes, the various professional racing associations have set standards for bike competitions.

Cycling Betting

Like other racing sports, cycling betting is extremely common. To bet on cycling, find a reputable sports book. However, the best cycling betting tips are to spend time learning the sport to accurately evaluate the odds.