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Hello everybody. I am from Austria and want to show you my (hopefully) great picks. I have been betting for many years, in my early years, like most people, -ev and without any kind of bankrollmanagement. Two years ago i wanted to take my game to the next level and i started to learn and to understand the material. I didn't set value on bankrollmanagement, but conscious. The reason for that is, that it is much easier to reload a 1k bankroll than a 100k bankroll. So i made Picks with a relatively high risk. Some experts agree with that, others don't. I could continuously improve my game and gain my bankroll (with some swings). As my bankroll started to get bigger, i started to use some kind of bankrollmanagement, first an aggressiv on, now an relatively conservative one (about 2% of my br). For one year i have been able to make a living from my winnings... and this is something I would never have dreamed about at my beginnings. Hopefully you can profit from my picks and build your bankroll. Sry. I switched to blogabet. Because i dont have to comment every pick. But however bettingexpert is a great site.

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