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Australian Italian Love me soccer! (or as you call it football) Betting is where all the best discussions on it is. Bet my own money also! I put my money where my mouth is and will only write if I'm betting also. My favourite leagues to watch are the English Premier League and the Serie A. I like to bet on lower leagues, however I find getting really juicy important data on them quite difficult. As a result you will probably see me place tips on the higher leagues; Premier League, Serie A and Bundesleague, and comment on the lower league tips on ths site, Serie B, English Leauge 1/2. AC Milan is my team and i think Jessica Rabbit is the best girlfriend a man could want. With lines like; "What do you see in that guy anyway?" "He makes me laugh" Or even "Oh yeah better lover than a fighter?" "You better believe it buddy!" If only Jessica Rabbit existed in reality!!

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