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Portland Trail Blazers vs Charlotte Hornets betting tip

Asian Handicap Match Prediction: Portland Trail Blazers Asian Handicap -5.00 in full event at odds 1.71

Final result: Win
+0.82 %Yield
stake10/10 Dgovernor has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Charlotte Hornets: Betting Preview

One thing is for sure now. In the world of science, you have an observation, when it proves facts, it becomes a theory, then when it becomes unmistakably true, only then it becomes a law. So in the NBA, this season I can clearly state that the Charlotte hornets can't win on the road without Cody Zeller. That's my law and and I'm sticking to the damn thing. So my pick, is the Portland Trail Blazers. But the trick is by what spread? So I have gone for a modest - 5 spread. Thanks and see you on the green side

Final result
17.1 Return
10 stake
7.1 Profit