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Bookmaker Bonus Bets

Our favourite Bookmaker Bonus Bets found online for today are:

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No partial win bets, Min. 2 selections at min. odds 1/5 each, If System Bet, min. 4 selection (5+ if horse racing), at min. odds 1/5 each, Cashed out bets or bets placed with a Free Bet are not eligible, Max. extra winnings £10,000, Terms apply, 18+

18+ | Terms and Conditions Apply | All Bookmaker Bonus Bets Correct As Of 30/4/19


This is one way of enhancing your profit margins. Or, have the option to make profit from a free stake. Bookmaker Bonus Bets are in great demand. They are rarely offered by bookies who instead make available other enticing offers. These could be ACCA Insurance or Money Back Specials. However, there are still opportunities to find bookmaker Bonus Bets.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that. There is always a variation in terms and conditions. This depends on which bookie you’re betting with. Some of the t’s and c’s can appear confusing at first. We’ll delve into what’s required and how to qualify for these fantastic offers.

What Are Bookmaker Bonus Bets?

Generally, a bookmaker Bonus Bet is given when a particular event that you’ve bet on meets the specified conditions. For example, a bookmaker could offer a bonus bet if Juventus keep a clean sheet against Inter Milan in Serie A. Say you bet on Juventus to win and they keep a clean sheet. You’ll win your initial bet plus receive a bonus bet in the process. Say you bet on Juve to win and they win 2-1. You’ve still won your initial wager but won’t be able to claim your bonus bet.

There are variations on bookmaker Bonus Bets. Some may be claimed if you win you’re initial bet. Some might be offered if your bet loses. Other bookmaker Bonus Bets can be offered if you stake a particular amount during a specified time. Let’s say you were planning to stake on a certain event anyway. It’s certainly worth finding a bookie where a Bonus Bet could be credited to your account.

Important Points To Remember

Bookmaker Bonus Bets come with set terms and conditions applicable. These change from bookmaker to bookmaker. We’ve listed below certain aspects which you should look out for.


Bookmaker Bonus Bets may only be available on certain markets. With our Juventus v Inter Milan example above, the offer was given on the Win-Draw-Win market. However, other markets may be available. Whilst a promotion may be offered on a particular match, make sure you know which markets are exempt from the t’s and c’s.

Bet Type

Most commonly, bookmaker Bonus Bets are offered on single bets only. However, on occasion there might be an opportunity to win a Bonus Bet on multiples and accumulators. An example of this could be if each leg of your ACCA wins. You could receive a Bonus Bet in addition to your general winnings.


Where a bookmaker Bonus Bet is offered, you have to adhere to the minimum odds stated. This may apply to both your initial bet and when it comes to placing your bonus bet.

Who Offers Bookmaker Bonus Bets?

In truth, sooner or later you can find bookmaker Bonus Bets at any given bookie. It’s just a matter of closely following all of them. They are extremely rare offers though. Many bookies offering different types of promotions. These include 10Bet with their Cash Bonus on winning accumulators or William Hill with their ACCA Insurance.

Offering bonus winnings appears to be more common than bookmaker Bonus Bets.

There are differences in the t’s and c’s with each bookmaker. We’ll take a closer look at our favourite bookmaker Bonus Bets and bonus winnings offers.


Bookmaker Bonus Bets

18+ | Terms and Conditions Apply | Screenshot 12/10/18

*This offer is now expired* but the above offer it’s a good example of the kind of bonus bet promos Coral make available regularly. Coral are one of the most popular bookmakers around. It’s clear to see why. They offer a good range of promotions and bonus opportunities regularly. This means that punters can enhance their potential profits and earn free bets.

Take a look each day at what’s new via their Promotions tab.


Bookmaker Bonus Bets

18+ | Terms and Conditions Apply | Screenshot 30/12/18

10Bet have become an extremely popular online bookmaker in recent years. This is no doubt thanks to their fantastic range of promotions and bonus opportunities they offer on a regular basis. They give their customers the opportunity to enhance their profits on a broad variety of sports and events.

The above screenshot shows a bonus winnings opportunity rather than a bookmaker Bonus Bet offer. However this promo seems too good to miss. Place an accumulator of 5+ more selections. If all legs win, you could receive a bonus cash amount on top of your winnings. The amount you’ll receive as a bonus depends on how many selections you’ve made in your ACCA. The more you add the higher the percentage! T’s and c’s apply so familiarise yourself with what’s required.

Bookmaker Bonus Bet Strategies

Winning a bookmaker Bonus Bet gives the bettor the opportunity to win money from a free stake. Qualifying for a free bet depends entirely on the terms and conditions. These change with each bookie.

How would you use your bookmaker Bonus Bet? This is completely up to you. We’ll take a look at some of the aspects to consider. These could give you the best chance of using your Bonus Bet wisely.

T & C’s

Your bookmaker Bonus Bet will come with their own terms and conditions. This could mean you can only use your bonus bet on a selected sport or market. Or, on a price that’s above a minimum limit. Also note that if you win from your bonus bet, you will usually only win the ‘profit’ from your bet. This doesn’t mean the value of your bonus. An example. If you place a £10 bonus bet on odds of 10/1, you’ll win £100 but you won’t have the stake returned.


A bookmaker Bonus Bet may mean you’re not risking your own money. However, research what bet you’re going to use it for. Many bettors use their bonus to wager on ridiculous long-odds bets. These don’t have a realistic chance of coming in. A bonus bet gives the chance to win profit essentially for free. Don’t waste this opportunity. Instead, it’s a wise idea to spend time researching on which bets have the best chance of winning.

Find The Best Tips

If you’ve won yourself a bookmaker Bonus Bet, you’re doing well! Still, it’s a good idea to seek out the best betting tips and predictions. This could broaden your knowledge of a particular event. You can do just that at bettingexpert. Our betting community post thousands of tips each month. Predictions are available on a diverse range of sports and events. Check out our latest tips here.

Bookmaker Bonus Bet Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Win A Bookmaker Bonus Bet?

This depends on the discretion of your bookmaker. Many bookies make these offers available. It’s wise to find one that offers plenty of bonus opportunities regularly. Use the list above as a guide. However it’s worth checing out the Promotions or Offers page of the bookmaker you’re looking to bet with.

How Much Do I Need To Bet To Qualify?

Again, this depends on the terms and conditions of that particular offer. T’s and C’s can vary dramatically from offer to offer. Read the small print before you bet.

What Sports Are Bookmaker Bonus Bets Offered On?

Theoretically, bookmaker Bonus Bets can be offered on pretty much anything. However, most of these offers tend to be based on the most popular sports or events.

Can Existing Customers Qualify For Bonus Bets?

Yes! Check out what your current bookmaker is offering on their Promotions page. However, many Bonus Bets are aimed at new customers. Check out our Free Bets page for all the latest offers and bonuses.

How Do I Claim My Bookmaker Bonus Bet?

Generally, if your initial bet has met all terms and conditions your bonus is credited to your account automatically. Sometimes you may have to wait for a short time to receive it. However, some bookmakers may ask for you to request your bonus. You can do this usually via email or Live Chat services.

Do I Win My Bookmaker Bonus Bet Stake?

If you win from your bonus bet, it’s extremely rare you win the ‘stake’ back too. Usually, you’ll win the profit from the bet. Any bonus bets or funds will not be paid.

Help! I’ve Not Received My Bookmaker Bonus Bet!

If you think you’ve qualified for a bookmaker Bonus Bet but are yet to receive it, check the t’s and c’s of the offer. Sometimes, you may have to wait up to three days for your bonus to be credited to your account. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with your bookmaker who should help you.

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