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Biggest Online Casino Winners

Playing online casino is fun and exiting, but there is little doubt that we all play to win money; and high rollers play to accomplish a big casino win! Many of the biggest prizes are won at high rollers casinos because these casinos offer high limit roulette, high stakes blackjack, and high limit slots. This is, however, not to say that every big casino win is stemming from high stakes.

Winning big is definitely possible in the online casinos, whether or not you are a regular high roller or a more low key player. High rollers are obviously able to win big because these players play with big stakes! But regular players are also able to win big because many casinos offer progressive games and high prizes in jackpot games. Thus, without playing with big credits, casino slot machine big pay outs are possible!

The Diversity of the Big Casino Winners

As we shall see in the next sections, what is truly remarkable about the biggest online casino wins is the diversity among the players who accomplish the big casino win. The big winners represent both genders, all ages, and a vast number of different nationalities! What is just as remarkable, the big winners do not play the same games; in fact, they do not even play at the same big money casino!

Biggest online win was won at Inter Casino on the Millionaires Club The biggest online win took place at Intercasino where a blacksmith won the world famous Millionaires Club Slot and, as the name of the slot promises, became a millionaire! In fact, the slot paid out an impressive £4 million/$8 million/€5 million reward to the lucky Blacksmith. Needles to say, he is very happy with the casino slot machine big pay outs.

Another big casino win was pulled of by a young Dutch guy who recently won £1,2 million/$2,5 million/€1,6 million at 21Nova online casino. This win came just a little more than a year after a woman won a little more than £1 million/$2 million/€1,2 million in the end of 2006 at the same big win casino.


It is not only young players who are able to pull the big ones! A 70-year-old grandfather of three has won £360,000/$710,000/€745,000 at the roulette table at another big money casino; Intercasino!

As previously explained, not all big casino wins are pulled off by high rollers – although they obviously have a greater chance to take the big prizes due to their higher stakes. In fact, it was only a $43/£21/€27 bet that led to one of the largest ever online casino wins. One lucky Greek guy won impressive $1,5 million/£750,000/€940,966 with a €27 bet on the Super Seven's online slot machine. This is the greatest online casino win in Greece ever, and the biggest casino win at Sportingbet.

Super Fortune Wheel A British player placed a $5 bet on what seems to be the most popular Video Poker, Jacks or Better. The player was on a roll and ended up taking home $1,310,720/£655,000/€823,000 from the same big win casino.

A family from Oregon played $9 at the Super Fortune Wheel at Party Casino and won the Party Mega Jackpot at Casino On Net, thereby bringing home $902,505/£450,000/€566,000! The lesson to be learned here is that one can win big without putting online casino big credits at the line.

So, what are you waiting for? There are so many great jack pots and prizes to be won out there! Go out and win, and please tell us about your big win afterward!