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High Stakes Blackjack

 Blackjack is the classic casino gameAlong with roulette, blackjack is the classic casino game. No limit online blackjack has become a classic for all kinds of players due to its simplicity and fast pace. Many people play it simply because it is a really fun game, and exciting that one would prefer leaving the table with a big win!

High Limit Blackjack and Progressive Blackjack

There are basically two Black Jack strategies to win big at the blackjack table: play with high stakes or play progressive. In this section of The High Rollers Lounge, we will examine and discuss the two strategies as well as show you where you can try off the two strategies.

High Limit Blackjack and the Largest Blackjack Bet

There are many different tactics when sitting at the blackjack table, you can hold the size of the bet constant, you can increase it when you win or you can decrease it if the dealer is giving you a hard time. Whether you prefer to bet big and putting on the table a $1,000 at every bet or start out with a $100 bet and increase the stake throughout the rounds, you do not want to play at a casino with too low maximum stake limits, as this will serve as a severe constraint on your play. In other words, you want to play at the casino offering the largest blackjack bet online!

No limit blackjack at Casino Club If one hand at a time is not enough, most casinos allow you to play multi-hand blackjack, thereby letting you bet up to 5x the maximum stake! This will not only enable you to really bet in high stakes, but you also get to experience the rush when the dealer gets bust and doubling up all five hands!

High stakes blackjack at Inter Casino If you are a European blackjack player who wants to play no limit online blackjack, we strongly urge you to play at Casino Club as it offers you the highest maximum bet limit in online blackjack: €1,000 per bet (which will allow you to bring €2,000 if you split or double, and up to €4,000 if you split and double twice)! In addition to the incredible maximum bet t blackjack limit, uses Boss Media software, which, coming from a very experienced blackjack player, offers you the best online blackjack game out there!

The best casino to go for high limit blackjack for UK players is Inter Casino. Where the maximum bet at blackjack is £5,000 per hand. This is an astonishing betting limit and, to no great surprise, by far one of the highest blackjack limit online.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive blackjack with VIP Casino The rules in progressive blackjack are identical to those of regular no limit online blackjack, except the addition of a progressive jackpot! Online progressive blackjack works like this: When you place your stakes, you can place a couple of dollars on a side bet. The side bet pays according to the number of consecutive aces you receive. The idea with progressive blackjack is, hence, to capitalize on your streaks. The more consecutive aces you get, the more money you win! If you get four consecutive coloured aces, you win the progressive jackpot, which often is more than $50.000!

Progressive blackjack is, hence, a great way if you want to play table games with low stakes but still want to be able to win a big prize. Unfortunately, not all online casinos offer the game. For UK and EU progressive blackjack players, we recommend you to play at either Inter Casino or VIP Casino. At Inter Casino, the side bet for the progressive blackjack jackpot is $1/£1 per bet with a minimum bet limit at $2/£2. This means you can play with really low stakes while trying to win the big jackpot! If you are playing from a European country, you can also play progressive blackjack at VIP casino where the minimum bet at the table is $5 and the side bet for the progressive jackpot is $1.


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