Masse égale System

The Masse égale roulette system works without any progressions and it's being used when playing on inside bets. But does this method really make for successful roulette playing?

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The Masse égale roulette system basically works on the opposite principle of the other popular methods, such as the Martingale and Paroli. The main difference is that there's never any progressions. That means that throughout the whole game, every coup is being played with the exact same bet. It's really the simplest out of all roulette strategies - the player puts the same amount of chips on the same bet, over and over.

masse egale roulette

Betting On Numbers with Masse Égale

There are a bunch of different roulette systems that are being used for playing on the very outside bets, which are red/black, even/odd and 1-18/19-36. Most popular ones are the Martingale, the D’Alembert and the Paroli strategy.

Masse égale is a strategy with no progression, and it really only makes sense for playing on inside bets, those can be for example, a Street (three numbers on a single horizontal line), a Split (two adjoining numbers, either on the vertical or horizontal), a Straight (a single number) and others.

Why doesn’t it make much sense to play on the very outside bets and using the Masse égale system? The player is hoping for a value more positive than expected, so he hopes that whatever he put his bet on is going to show up more often than probability would suggest – so more often than the other numbers as well. Even if by winning a few more times than expected on one of the very outside bets, the winnings wouldn’t be very high since the payout is only 1:1. That is why the Masse égale roulette system really only brings worthy winnings when being used for single numbers and other inside bets, and there's no better place online to try it out for yourself than at Winner Casino, where you'll get a sign up bonus to get things rolling!


Betting on a Single Number

The common way to play the Masse égale system is when betting on a Straight (a single number). There is, of course, a good chance that within one rotation (that is 37 coups) the number you are betting on will appear. Most Masse égale players overestimate that probability though because there is definitely no security that it will. On the contrary, if rather, unfortunately, the losing streak can get extremely long.

To prove this mathematically we are going to look at some probability calculations - the chances that you lose when playing on a single number is 36:37 because there is a total of 36 numbers plus the zero field. How high is the chance then, that you lose throughout a whole rotation, so during 37 rounds?

(36/37)37 = 0,362 36%

The chances that your number won't come up within 37 coups is 36%, so you lose in more than one out of three cases!

(36/37)50 = 0,254 25%

(36/37)74 = 0,131 13%

Also after 50 rounds, in one out of four cases (25%) your number doesn't come up at all. Even after two rotations (so 74 coups), there is still a 13% chance that you'll never get to see your number win. You can continue on with this calculation and you'll find that you need a very large amount of coups to be relatively sure that your number even comes up at all. But, at that point, it is obviously not at all worth it anymore because if you win with a Straight, you win 'only' 35x your bet. That is not even close to how much you would have lost at this point.

Disadvantages of The Strategy

With the Masse égale probabilities that as we have just illustrated not looking exactly brilliant, this method has other weaknesses as well! One of them has to do with betting on inside bets in general, which has a negative impact on the house advantage, represented by the zero. Generally, the house advantage is 2,7%. So that is how high the chances are that the zero comes up and you, when playing on inside bets – automatically lose the round.

However, when you are playing on the very outside bets, it looks a bit better for you. If the ball now lands on zero, your bet goes into prison (en prison) and the next coup will decide what is going to happen with it, if you then win, you will get it back. If you lose, the bank will take your bet. This rule changes the house advantage when playing on very outside bets as supposed to inside bets, with the former it is only 1,35%. So this is a factor that generally speaks volumes for playing on only the very outside bets.

Another advantage about playing on the outside bets (and this only applies in real casinos) is that if you win you don’t have to tip the croupier, which you are obliged to do when winning on inside bets. You obviously don’t have to worry about that in the comfort of online casino play!

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So How Well Does the System Work?

Actually, Masse égale doesn't even really deserve to be called a 'system'. In fact, the player doesn’t do much else than placing the same amount of chips on the same bet, over and over, hoping that in the end he will win more than what he has lost before. If you want to play Masse égale, you can look forward to long losing streaks that are most likely not going to even out at the end of play.

Although, in statistics wins and losses do pretty much even out in the long term (only if not considering the house advantage of course). However, if you want to play some serious roulette we strongly advise against using the Masse égale method.


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