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About us

Why do we need bettingexpert?

… Because online betting deserves to be much better. Don’t get us wrong, we love betting. It can be extremely fun, exciting and rewarding (although losing is not so fun...) but the betting industry is not as good as it could be. We believe it could be much better. Online casinos and sports betting have developed a bad name and often for good reason. Here’s the main problems:

  • Self-proclaimed experts: The industry is full of self-proclaimed experts selling uninformed betting tips at high prices. Other so-called experts offer tips without documenting their history.
  • Bad customer experience: Many service providers give bad customer service and treat their users poorly. Others outright cheat their customers.
  • Lack of transparency: There is too much information asymmetry between casinos/bookmakers and players/punters. The industry is full of opaque product placements and commercial interests.
  • Misleading marketing: The marketing from many big brands often make it sound easy to win. Unfortunately, it’s not.

This is why bettingexpert is here. Our vision is to empower betting and casino enthusiasts around the world through transparency and technology. To achieve this we have established a platform that ultimately aims to improve sports betting and online casino experiences from the user perspective. This platform includes full transparency about bookmakers, online casinos, tipster performance, and contains comprehensive betting information, and data-driven blogs supported by a large community of passionate tipsters. We hope you too want to be part of our community. Together we can make online betting better!

In respect of our vision, we have decided to give away everything we know about betting for free. Furthermore, unlike many of our competitors, we design everything for our users rather than for the bookmakers or casinos. This includes betting tips, tools, data, blog posts and many other services. In our pursuit to improve the betting industry, we distribute generous prizes to our best tipsters each month. If you think we can do anything else to make igaming more transparent, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

In the process of fulfilling this vision, we must also run a healthy business with happy employees. This means we must make money somehow. You can read more about how we do this here.

Why use bettingexpert?

  1. Grab the chance to win generous prizes each month and get valuable feedback from other punters by posting your own betting tips.
  2. Browse through tipsters’ historical data, discover your favorite tipsters and follow their tips via email and on-page notifications.
  3. Find betting data for all football games on planet earth using bettingexpert clash.
  4. Get a betting masterclass in our academy.
  5. Discover the rules, strategies and unique characteristics of an extensive list of online casino games.
  6. Find trustworthy bookmakers and casinos by reading our impartial reviews (we don’t review those we don’t trust).

Team bettingexpert

bettingexpert attracts visitors from all corners of the earth from our office in Copenhagen. To accommodate this linguistic and cultural diversity we have employed dedicated native language coordinators who work hard to ensure that all the content across the different languages is tailored for your needs, wherever you’re from. You can read more about the team here. Currently, bettingexpert is available in 10 different languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Swedish. We will launch new languages in the coming years, depending on the development in the igaming industry in their respective jurisdictions.

Jesper + Christian

Today, the bettingexpert office has over 40 employees from 9 countries. In addition to this we also employ over 40 more talented writers and contributors on a freelance basis. However, this was not always the case and the organisation grew from very humble beginnings. The owners of bettingexpert, Jesper and Christian, met in school and forged a friendship over betting. This friendship naturally developed into a professional partnership and they set up their first office in their apartment. They quickly realised that there was a significant market niche for transparency in the betting industry. The duo took over the reigns at bettingexpert and swiftly attracted others to join the fledgling company which didn’t remain small for long. Although the company has drastically changed since its inception, Jesper and Christian have remained true to their betting passion and ensure every new team member shares this interest.


All English content on bettingexpert is managed by Neal. An Englishman living in Copenhagen, the home of bettingexpert. Since joining the bettingexpert team, Neal has been able to combine his considerable experience as a professional writer and editor with his love for sports betting. But he is not alone and he would be unable to do his job without the highly skilled and knowledgeable team creating the fresh content you see every time you visit bettingexpert. Due to the widespread knowledge of English in most parts of the world, the English site attracts users from all corners of the planet but as the majority come from the UK, Neal and his team are doing what they can to give it a British touch. This means no American spellings. (He wouldn’t have it any other way!)

History of bettingexpert


bettingexpert's founder, Christoffer, wanted to share his betting insights with friends and peers. As he couldn’t find a good online betting community, he created one. At first it was called Globetting. Globetting was launched in English and the foundations of what we see as bettingexpert today were set in place.


Globetting is rebranded as bettingexpert (fun fact: there are still around 30 people a day who enter bettingexpert by searching for Globetting in Google). Globetting originally featured two different sections: a member service and a free tips section.


Christoffer wanted to spend more time developing his own betting system and less time running bettingexpert, so his two friends Jesper and Christian decided to take over. Jesper and Christian are as passionate about betting as any. They spend many of their weekends researching and placing bets from early morning to late night.


Several new employees join the bettingexpert team in order to develop the site further and expand into new languages and territories.


bettingexpert is launched in Polish, Serbo-Croatian and Italian.


bettingexpert is launched in Danish, Swedish and German.


bettingexpert's business model shifts from paid to free tips. Today, everything on bettingexpert is completely free.


bettingexpert launches its first major product with betting data for every match on planet earth: bettingexpert clash.


bettingexpert launches in French, Russian and Spanish. At the same time, bettingexpert is redesigned and re-coded to make it faster, more stable and able to work seamlessly across all devices (including smartphones and tablet computers).

The future

Over the coming years, we will continue to improve and expand our range of services and launch in even more new languages. We will continue to advocate transparency within the betting and casino industry though our reviews and informative blog posts. We will continue to expand our increasingly popular tipster section and develop our cherished community. We will continue striving to improve the betting industry in everything we do. We look forward to the future of bettingexpert and hope that you do too!