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Making it to 3,000 Wins: Dettori by the numbers


Frankie Dettori just gained membership to the elite 3,000 club—a club that only one other active rider is currently in: Richard Johnson. has broken down the records of the two jockeys to find out which of the two club members has earned the most impressive stats.

Frankie Dettori versus Richard Johnson

Frankie Wins the Win Ratio

When it comes to their Win Ratio, Dettori wins by a nose—he’s won 19% of the races he’s riden in. Johnson is not far behind with 18%. However, Johnson is more likely to place in his races, taking either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in 41% of all of his races. Dettori falls a bit short in this aspect, placing only 37% of the time. These stats are worth taking into account when placing each way bets.

Past their Prime?

A factor in being able to join the 3,000 club is having a career that spans long enough to include that amount of races. With over 30,000 races between them, Frankie and Dickie have both had long careers—but have the years impacted their racing abilities?

For Dettori, the answer is yes. In the latter half of his career, Frankie’s win ratio has declined by 44%. The prestigious jockey has been racing since 1987, so it has taken some time to reach the club, but less races overall. Johnson, on the other hand, is in his prime. In the second half of his career, his win ratio is up by 35%. 

Expert Advice—Bank on Dettori for the big races

If you were to bet £1 on every race these jockeys have partaken in, you’d be looking at a loss. However, looking at the total prize money earned by each of the jockeys, Dettori has earned more than twice the amount as Johnson. When Stephen Harris,’s in resident horse racing specialist, saw Dettori’s £65+ million prize money, compared to Johnson’s £30.4 million, he delivered the following advice:

“When you’re following the top jockeys, sometimes the value gets squeezed out of the price a bit, and that’s usually the story with Frankie Dettori and Dicky Johnson. But, if you’re selective about how to back them, they can be lucrative jockeys to follow.

“The stats show that while backing every one of Frankie’s runners would leave you out of pocket, it’s a great pointer suggesting he’s the man to follow when the big pots are up for grabs.”

Basically, when the big bucks are on the line, Dettori’s record shows that he’s the man to follow.