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Zlatan to hit top form ahead of Liverpool fixture?


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is getting ready to make his debut match against Liverpool at Anfield. The pressure is on for the Swede, but based on his past scoring record, October is the month where the striker really hits his stride. looked through Zlatan’s entire scoring career, and if the trend holds, there’s a 76% chance he will score against Klopp’s army.

Zlatan scoring calendar

The Rise in Fall

The autumn season is an interesting period for Ibrahimovic. Although he tends to start strong in the last days of summer (he has a goal ratio of 1.00 for August), Zlatan seems to stumble in September. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that in his career since 2007, Zlatan has only played in 18 games in August, while he’s taken the field 50+ times in September—but September is the only month to see him drop to a goal ratio of less than 0.50.

However, it’s the rest of the fall season that really impresses. Zlatan has a continuous rise in goal scoring ratio, peaking at 0.90 in December! Having never played in the Premier League before, Zlatan has been used to taking a break in December—which seems to cut his rising stats short. With such a high ratio in December, he could potentially go on the run for more goals over Christmas with Manchester United.

Scoring at Anfield 

Based on the Zlatan’s career scoring trends, there’s a 76% chance that he will score a goal when he takes to the pitch in Anfield. Plus, since he failed to score in the first match of the month, Zlatan should be in form (consciously or unconsciously) to make up for it by scoring a goal during this away game. However, it seems that bookmakers aren’t too aware of the Swede’s trend— with Zlatan to score anytime around 3/2 (2.50), which converts to only a 40% chance. Quite a valuable option based on the aforementioned data.

It’s also worth mentioning that in 16.7% of Zlatan’s October matches, he has scored more than one goal. For punters looking to enhance their value even more, they can sift through the Away Teams under/over odds for the upcoming matchup.