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Why Defoe is the Most Valuable Purchase in the Premier League


With the winter transfer window being wide open, Premier League clubs are looking to find the most bang for their buck to boost the latter half of the season. Although many may be looking to pick up some young talent to grow with the team, the stats are showing that the experienced skill of Jermain Defoe could be the MVP (Most Valuable Purchase) of the transfer window-but it looks like Sunderland cannot afford to let him go.

Manchester United’s 55th Televised FA Cup Streak
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Dependable Defoe

For the average human, being 34 still means that you’re a spring chicken—but the life of a footballer is a bit different. Jermaine Defoe’s age should indicate thoughts of retirement, but the Black Cat is challenging that notion.

As the leading goal scorer of Sunderland, Defoe is proving that his boot is still one of the most reliable in England's top league. Of the 20 times that Sunderland has found the back of the net this season, Defoe has been the final driver 12 times. Being responsible for 60% of his team’s goals makes him the leading striker for his side in the league. The closest second is Zlatan Ibrahimovic (another senior player), who has secured 43.8% of Manchester United’s goals.

Unlucky Black Cats

It seems that the club that has the biggest interest in Defoe's is his current club, Sunderland. It would mean big trouble for Sunderland if their top man were to leave, and they have been slapping away the hands of any other team aiming to snatch him. As the man responsible for 60% of their goals, without Defoe (or a viable replacement) the Black Cats are sealing their fate of relegation. 

Defoe’s game winning goals against Leicester and Bournemouth, along with his clinched equalisers against Liverpool and Southampton, has kept Sunderland afloat in the league with an extra 6 points. Without these points, Sunderland would be locked into last place with 9 points. With or without Defoe, Sunderland needs some support on the frontline to push their way up the table.

West Ham's Prodigal Son returns?

According to transfer stories, Defoe’s old homestead, West Ham United, was one of the keenest on acquiring him in this window. The fact that West Ham is looking to collect a more reliable striker isn’t a surprise—over the past year, their total 6 frontmen have only accumulated 32 goals. In the same time period, Defoe has secured 31.

Defoe’s stats for the year are equivalent to 40% of the Hammers total goals for the past year—meaning his return would not only be appreciated, but practically necessary for West Ham to climb the table. 

Fortunately for Sunderland, the bookmakers don't fancy him leaving before the end of the month, so he is more than likely to stay put and be David Moyes' best hope for firing the Black Cats to Premier League suvival. 

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