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England Squad Announcement


What makes the Ultimate England Player? We've analysed the traits of all of the 112 England National Team players from the past 10 years and profiled what the quintessential player brings to the pitch.

What Makes the Ultimate England Player?

What does it take to be the ultimate player for England’s National team? Sure, talent and hard work are a must, but is there more to making the squad? With Roy Hodgson finalising his squad for Euro 2016 this week, has dug up the data on every England player of the past 10 years to find out what makes the ultimate player. Check out the quintessential traits of players below, and help us speculate which players are the best fit for this year’s squad. 

Who is the best England Player

Does he have the look?

When it comes to physical traits of an England Player, the numbers are giving a clear picture. The overall average puts our ultimate player at 1.82m—just shy of 6ft. With a clear majority of 40% of the analysed players sporting brown hair, our ultimate player will likely follow suit (however, there’s no guarantee on what hair style they choose). The eye colour will likely match the drapes, as 36% of players have dark brown eyes. 

Before joining the squad

The data based on the players’ life journeys to the squad also has a story to tell. Our ultimate player is expected to have been born in the south, specifically the London area. Professionally, chances are that our ultimate player has been on the Liverpool roster at some point, with 15 out of 112 players having called Anfield their home. The ultimate player doesn’t roost permanently though—the players analysed have played, on average, for 3 different clubs. 

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On the team

It’s probable that our ultimate player has already made an appearance on the international stage. The average age of a player’s first cap is the fresh age of 22, while the average age of a player during their national team tenure is 24. The national team seems to be leaning a bit to the right, as 66% of all the national team players over the past 10 years were right footed. Although we may need some more lefties, the ultimate player has a strong right boot. 

Who is the Ultimate England National Player?

Chris Smalling is the Ultimate England Player

Chris Smalling is the player that resembles the Ultimate England player the most. As seen above, Smalling’s look and bio ticks off a lot of boxes. He’s got the eyes, the foot, and the hometown (plus talent) that destined him to be on the team. Debuting at 22, he was the right age for his first cap. During his tenure on the team so far, his average age has been spot on at 24. If the pattern holds, it can be predicted that Roy will definitely be calling on Smalling to represent England at Euro 2016 this summer. 

"Stats reveal that Chris Smalling is the ultimate England international player #ThreeLions #EURO2016"

Tweet: Stats reveal that Chris Smalling is the ultimate England international player #ThreeLions #EURO2016

Who will join Smalling? 

Roy Hodgson has quite a pool of talent to choose from, but who else fits the mould? Check out the chances of who else might be playing alongside Smalling when England takes on Russia (and then the rest of Europe) by clicking below.

Which player has the best odds of making the England Squad