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German Grand Prix: Home Field Disadvantage


The Formula 1 rivalry between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton is continuously heating up. With this weekend’s Grand Prix taking place in Germany, has analysed the history of Formula 1 to see if Rosberg driving on home turf can serve as an advantage for the German driver.

F1 Home Field Advantage: Hamilton versus Rosberg

Home Field Disadvantage for the Germans

Sadly, for Nico, it doesn’t look like driving at home will bring him any extra luck. Since the modern F1 formula was established in 1950, only 4 Germans have won the German Grand Prix a collected 7 times. On the contrary, the Brits fare way better in Germany, with 11 Britons taking first place at the German GP 17 times. Even more frightening for Nico, Hamilton makes up 2 of those wins.

However, there’s still hope for Nico. He is one of the Germans who has already taken first place at home—there may still be a chance for him to take the lead at home this season, and keep his ongoing feud with Hamilton alive and exciting.

Brits Advance in Britain

Unlike German F1 drivers, British drivers seem to experience a boost when driving at home. 35.8% of all the British Grand Prix have been won by a British driver. This was most recently exhibited by Hamilton, who took first at home this season.

Who Will Win the German GP?

If we look at the numbers, Hamilton seems to be edging towards a favourite position to take the German GP. However, Rosberg will definitely give him a run for his money. Either way, the ongoing rivalry is sure to make this GP well worth the watch