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Research shows how McGregor became a Twitter sensation


This weekend, Conor McGregor, UFC’s biggest trash talker (or, self declared “Truth Speaker”) looks to take down Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. How far can talking trash and kicking ass take you in this world? Well, according to our research, it can take you very far in the world of twitter. We’ve tracked McGregor’s growth in twitter followers over time to show what tactics have helped him amass over 2.7 million followers.

McGregor's road to twitter dominance
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Fights = Steady growth

Get yourself in the ring on a consistent basis, and the hype around the fights will get you a steady stream of new followers. However, fighting wont give you a huge increase of followers at once—they mainly serve as major plot points in McGregor’s twitter story. In fact, only once has McGregor received a major spike in followers from a single fight, and that was when he knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds. Of course, McGregor gave it the old one-two punch, by adding a quip on twitter saying “Nobody can take that left hand shot. He’s powerful and he’s fast, but precision beats power, and timing bears speed”. Rubbing salt in Aldo’s wounds boosted McGregor’s followers by 260,000 followers in just one month!

20 seconds—plenty of time to fight, win, and celebrate 

Trash Talk = Supplementary Growth

A person can’t be in the ring 365 days a year, so if a fighter wants followers on twitter, they need to keep their audience on their toes. McGregor has become notorious for his foul wit. No other place is this more evident than at his press conferences. His moments behind the microphone are filled with unfiltered gems, and people on twitter are continuously joining in on McGregor’s loop in hopes of finding more. Looking at our research, the time between all of his fights has been infused with controversial and/or celebratory claims that keep inviting people to join the temple of @TheNotoriousMMA.

Retirement = Spike

If you really want to increase your twitter followers in one swift move, announce your retirement on the platform. McGregor’s infamous retirement tweet was retweeted over 161,000 times, and yielded him an additional 268,030 followers in just one month. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for McGregor to get back in the game, and he’s now got a twitter platform that’s bigger than ever. Since his “retirement” announcement just over 6 months ago, he has added over a million people to his twitter following. To put this into perspective, in this half year time span, he’s almost doubled the fan base that took him over 3 years to build. Along with him being the favourite to win the fight, you can surely bet that the fight this Saturday wont be slowing down his growth. 

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