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The Masters: Dustin Johnson is blessed at "Amen Corner"


The beauty of the Masters tournament is that it has always been played at Augusta National Golf Club, meaning there are iconic parts of the course that revisited annually. This includes “Amen Corner” (made up of holes 11-13), which is notorious for either making or breaking a player’s chances at the Masters. We’ve looked into how some of the top players have fared on “Amen Corner” over the past 5 years, and it seems that Dustin Johnson is blessed by the winners’ spirit.

Amen Corner is Heaven for Dustin Johnson at the Masters
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Johnson is blessed on the Corner

Current PGA number 1, Dustin Johnson, seems to have been touched by an angel when it comes to playing through “Amen Corner”. Of the three players we analysed, Johnson was the strongest performer on hole 11, and tied with Jordan Spieth at hole 12.

Over the past 5 Masters tournaments he participated in, his average score lies at 11.7 on the par 12 three-hole stretch. He is the only player who manages to make it through “Amen Corner” with an average score below par.

Leading up to the tournament, Dustin Johnson is currently the odds favourite to win the Masters with odds of 11/2. As being able to continuously hit the long shots, Johnson has a competitive advantage going into Augusta.

McIlroy skips the holy water

Hole 12 at Augusta National Golf Course is both beautiful and treacherous. The par 3 hole’s green is just beyond Rae’s creek, making it a scenic view—but frustrating for player’s diving into the water trap.

It seems that McIlroy is pretty good at avoiding dipping into the holy water. The Northern Irishman has the best average score when it comes to skipping the creek, with an average of 3.1 strokes at the hole. However, Holy Johnson is close behind him with an average of 3.2.

On the other hand, McIlroy seems to have a Good Friday, as he has the best average score of all three players on day 2 of the tournament.

Spieth is resting on Sundays

At the young age of 23, Jordan Spieth has only been participating in the Masters for the past three years, winning it back in 2015. Looking at his past performance, we would say that Spieth seems to lose his faith when it comes to “Amen Corner”. His score goes from top to bottom over the four-day stretch of the tournament.

Spieth has by far the strongest performance on the Corner of any day of the Masters, with a strong 1.33 strokes below average on opening day. The closest second comes from Dustin Johnson, who on the same day manages a 0.6 below par.

However, it seems that Spieth’s mind is elsewhere on Sunday. His final day of the tournament yields the worst score of all 3 players, with an average of 1.6 strokes above par. It appears that Spieth is taking the day of rest a little too seriously. However, our Masters expert Joe is still pegging him as one of the top 5 players (along with Dustin Johnson) to watch in this year’s tournament. Check out why in the video below.

Scores also rise on the third day

It seems that most of the players suffer from fatigue by the third day of the Masters. None of the three players in question manage to score a average below par average on the Saturday. Spieth is the closest, hitting par on the corner—a feat he manages consecutively for both day 2 and 3.

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