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Queen to look pretty in pink at Royal Ascot


The Queen has reached for more pink and blue hats during her visits to Royal Ascot than any other colour, with our research revealing that almost half of her outfits worn since 2005 have been either of those two shades. We’ve counted each colour The Queen has worn since the Royal meeting was extended from four days to five, and pink and blue tops the charts by some way.

Queen to look pretty in pink at Royal Ascot

Tuesday, the meeting’s opening day, has seen The Queen plump for pink or blue in eight of the last 13 years, though green was her shade of choice 12 months ago.

Pink’s the pick again for Wednesday, accounting for 38% of hats worn by Her Majesty on day two, while The Queen also opted for pink on Thursday, Ladies’ Day, at last year’s meeting.

Friday looks like one of the most predictable days, with the numbers showing The Queen has worn white five times on the penultimate day of Royal Ascot in the last 13 years.

Blue, the colour that the monarch has plumped for 14 times in total since 2005, has a 31% chance of being pulled out the wardrobe on Saturday too.

The Queen donned two green outfits for the first time at Ascot last year, and she was also spotted in a luscious lime during the Duchess of Sussex’s first solo state appearance last week, so her preference could be changing…