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Can Usain Bolt Beat his Personal Best?


With Usain Bolt claiming he is ready to take his races by storm this weekend, has looked into whether or not the star sprinter still has it in him to shatter his own records.

Usain on the Wane

Slightly Slower

Judging by his past couple of year’s performances, it looks like Bolt may be in the decline. Although he says he still has it in him to win the races, from the numbers it doesn’t look like he’ll break his incredible times in 2009.

Injury Impact?

Beyond the decline in speed, Bolt also suffered from an injury that kept him from running competitively in 2014. Although he says he has returned to form, this may impact his results.

Even with these factors, Usain Bolt has always provided a great show, so we hope to see him break his own records this year!

Can he beat the numbers? Let us know below: