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Today’s Nicaragua Campeonato Betting Tips

The Liga Primera de Nicaragua, commonly referred to as Nicaragua Campeonato, is the best football division in Nicaragua. While a fairly new league, being founded in 1993, it has seen increased popularity in recent years. With matches happening throughout 9 months of the year, the league has plenty of opportunities for expert Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips – which you can find right here at bettingexpert.

Starting in 2017, the Nicaragua Campeonato switched to a somewhat irregular format, with two full seasons being played each year. Torneo de Clausura is the first tournament of the year, starting in January and ending in May. Torneo de Apertura, the second tournament of the year, then runs from August until November.

This means that there really are only 3 months in the whole year the league does not have an ongoing season, allowing for expert Nicaragua Campeonato predictions to be submitted throughout most of the year. Both seasons end with the top four out of the leagues 10 teams battling it out in a playoff bracket for the championship. This allows for outright betting several times a year, and thereby a lot of great expert Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips.

Historically two teams have dominated the league, Diriangén and Real Estelí, but several other teams have also vied for, and won, the championship in recent years. That combined with the fact that there are two seasons a year, the league truly gives way to some very interesting outright betting opportunities.

Right here at bettingexpert you will, on top of outright betting, also be able to find expert Nicaragua Campeonato predictions for Match Result, Half-Time/Full-Time, Both Teams To Score – and many others.

What exactly do our Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips entail? Every one of our predictions comes with an analysis and explanation of the tip itself,as well as the following details.

  • Date of Fixture
  • Time of Fixture
  • Teams Playing
  • Tipster Rating
  • Bookmaker Used
  • Odds at the time the tip was posted
  • Current Odds
  • Bet Type
  • Market
  • Prediction
  • Explanation and reasons

How Can I Find Today’s Nicaragua Campeonato Betting Tips?

Right here at bettingexpert you will be able to find all the information necessary to get started using today’s Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips. This page itself will serve as a hub for the top tips for the league, the top tipsters for the league, and information on how to utilize those tips or start making your own tips.

The tipsters here at bettingexpert submit tons of tips for many different matches. You can view the top three tipped-on matches at the top of this page. Clicking in on one of these matches will give you a full list of all the Nicaragua Campeonato predictions today. All submitted by the bettingexpert community for that specific match, you simply have to choose which tip you want to trust.

If you wish to see matches other than the most tipped on, or if you wish to see all of the future matchups, you can either press the Load More button at the bottom of this page, or the View Full Schedule button. Load More will give you additional matches, along with how many have tipped on those matches. View Full Schedule will do exactly what it says it will, which is show the full Nicaragua Campeonato schedule, along with results and lives scores.

By signing up today you can get full access to even more features, 100% for free. Among other things you will be notified the second your favorite tipsters post a new tip – so you can be the first to capitalise on their expert betting tips.

Free Nicaragua Campeonato Betting Tips

Bettingexpert is the best place to find betting tips. With thousands of tips our bettingexpert community ensures that you will always have expert Nicaragua Campeonato predictions. Not only that, bettingexpert allows for its users to submit tips on many different sports and leagues, so that you can always find what it is you are looking for.

We believe that we have the best community of tipsters anywhere. With many of our users posting positive yields on a consistent basis you will always be able to find solid tips no matter when you decide to check out the site.

But how do we motivate our users to come up with the best expert Nicaragua Campenato betting tips they possibly can?

Well, bettingexpert will always be completely free for its users. Whether you are posting tips or simply looking at some of our amazing tipsters predictions, you will never have to pay a dime. But through our monthly competitions we provide an incentive for giving the best tips possible. Anybody can participate and test themselves against the best of the best, with a chance to win huge cash prizes each and every month.

Our tipsters look at all of the Nicaragua Campeonato stats, all of the buzz surrounding the games in order to come up with the best possible predictions, to get the best yield outcome, and thereby boost them up the leaderboards. You as a user can choose to become a tipster, or to simply use our betting tips in whichever way you want to.

Furthermore, we provide you with all the information necessary to make sure that you can choose which tips you want to trust. When clicking on a tip our expert tipsters will provide you with a description of why they think that specific outcome will happen. You can also see all of the other tips posted to see what the bettingexpert community is predicting in general.

If you want to go even deeper you can choose to click in on a specific users profile. This will allow for you to see all of their current and past tips, along with stats on how they are doing. You can see their yield, their recent success, their win percentage, and several other stats to help you in choosing the right tipster to trust.

So what’s really left to do other than to sign up and start using the bettingexpert communities Nicaragua Campeonato predictions today. It is 100% free and always will be.


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Whether you want to join in on the hunt for one of our cash prizes, or simply want to use today’s Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips you can simply not go wrong by signing up for bettingexpert. We have the best community tipsters anywhere, all motivated and hungry for our cash prizes, ensuring that you get the best of the best betting predictions.

If you think that you have what it takes to become an expert tipster, you can also try winning those cash prizes yourself. Simply sign up, use the Nicaragua Campeonato stats and anything else that may impact the matches, and start posting your own tips. Who knows, you could be the next person to win Tipster of the Month and part of the 3000 euro cash pool that comes with it.

Sign up today for free to get access to the full range of benefits that come with being part of the bettingexpert community. Post your own tips to win cash prizes, or use our expert tipsters predictions to make money betting – it is all up to you.

Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips

Becoming Part Of The bettingexpert Community

Below you will find just a few of the many things that joining bettingexpert will do for you;

  • Nicaragua Campeonato stats to aid you in making predictions
  • The ability to post tips yourself and join the hunt for one of our monthly cash prizes
  • Get instant notifications when your favorite tipsters post tips, so you can be the first to take advantage of today’s Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips
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Expert Nicaragua Campeonato Betting Tips

Bettingexpert is home to what we believe to be the best betting community in the world. What that means for you is that while you can make your own tips and compete with the other tipsters, by no means do you have to do that. If you are just someone looking for expert Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips to help you improve your betting, bettingexpert is as good a place as any.

As previously mentioned we have several competitions with cash prizes as an incentive for our tipsters to up their game and be the best they can possibly be. There are both league specific competitions, monthly competitions and an annual championship to help motivate our tipsters. This in turn makes it so that you really do not have to do any of the work. You can simply choose one of our tipsters from the leaderboards and start seeing which tips you want to use.

The bettingexpert community takes tipping extremely seriously. They spend hours upon hours looking at the Nicaragua Campeonato stats and everything else that may impact the games to make the right predictions. For each prediction they make, our tipsters are required to describe what exactly led them to believe in that specific outcome. For you that means that you will always see what has gone into a certain prediction, to both help you trust in that prediction but also to help you in your own tipping endeavours.

Along with a description of why they made the prediction, you have the ability to go into each tipsters profile and see a full history of their past tips. You can see whether the tip was successful or not, their win percentage, profit margin, yield percentage – all easily available just by clicking on the profile. Finding the top tipsters has also been made easy.

You can choose one of the best tipsters by going to the competition page and see who is in the lead; or you can go into each specific sports page and see the top tipsters for that sport. For example you can at the top of this page in the sidebar see the top three football tipsters, and see their expert Nicaragua Campeonato predictions by simply clicking on their profile.

We give you all the tools to figure out which tipsters you want to trust. But simply getting tips from the experts is not enough for everybody, so at bettingexpert we also give you the tools to become an expert tipster yourself. Through our bettingexpert academy we can help teach you how to be among the best, climb the leaderboards in our competitions, and get a chance at winning one of our cash prizes. It certainly is not easy seeing as the bettingexpert community are extremely dedicated, but the bettingexpert academy can help you learn how to read the statistics to predict the outcome of a game, how to discern between the good bookmakers and the bad, how to ensure there is value in your tips, and in general just how to implement good betting strategies.

So why not get started? Signing up with bettingexpert will allow for you to utilize all of the site’s functionalities. Whether it is following your favorite tipster to get notified when they post a new tip, or making your own tips and participating in the competitions.

Nicaragua Campeonato Favourites

While they have won just a single title since 2006, Diriangen is the most successful team in the history of Nicaraguan club football winning a total of 27 titles. Real Esteli have won a total of 16 titles winning, winning 14 of those titles in the seasons since 1999. These two clubs have dominated Nicaraguan domestic football over the past two decades.

2019 Clausura Real Esteli Managua
2018 Apertura Managua Real Esteli
2018 Clausura Diriangen Real Esteli
2017 Apertura Walter Ferretti Managua
2016/2017 Real Esteli Walter Ferretti
2015/2016 Real Esteli Managua
2014/2015 Walter Ferretti Managua
2013/2014 Real Esteli Walter Ferretti
2012/2013 Real Esteli Walter Ferretti
2011/2012 Real Esteli Walter Ferretti

Bet On Nicaragua Campeonato

We have talked plenty about all of the expert Nicaragua Campeonato betting tips that you can find right here at bettingexpert. But what makes our site so special, and what makes it work at all, are people like you deciding to try their hand at making their own betting tips. It can certainly seem daunting at first, but bettingexpert has all of the tools available to help you along the way to becoming a successful tipster.

The bettingexpert Academy is the best resource available to hone your skills within the realm of sports betting. As anything else on bettingexpert, the bettingexpert Academy guide is a resource available 100% free of charge. It will help you to make the proper bets, and work towards a positive return on your Nicaragua Campeonato predictions. Of course the world of sports betting is enormous, with many different variables to consider from sport to sport. Therefore bettingexpert Academy also provides you with specific sports betting guides on many sports. This also includes our How To Bet On Football guide which will teach you, with a specific focus on football, how to get the most out of your bets.

The How To Bet On Football guide will help you to understand the ins and outs of betting on football. The main thing the guide will do is help you to look for value in your bets. It can be tempting to go for the obvious favorite, or to go for an extreme underdog when the odds look good, but what is important to understand is that often those types of bets just do not have enough value to be worth your while. If you are picking an underdog you have to have reasoning behind it. Whether you’ve looked into the stats and seen something, or perhaps there is some buzz surrounding the game that could change its outcome – you have to be sure that there is an actual chance of your bet going through, and that you are not just attracted by the odds.

With a league like Nicaragua Campeonato you have a great opportunity to get started with your sports betting. A league that is almost running year round, with bi-annual championships and loads of games, you have an opportunity to start making Nicaragua Campeonato predictions today. Start by reading our guide to help you know what to look for in your bets, look at the Nicaragua Campeonato stats, you can even look at the expert Nicaragua Campeonato predictions from our other tipsters to give you an idea – then simply use all of the information you have gathered to make a prediction.

bettingexpert serves as your hub for sports betting. Whether it is using the betting tips already available for free on the site, or using our guides to help you make the proper bets – we will help you to spend your money wisely. As we will discuss in the next section, the next step is choosing the right bookmaker for you. For that purpose we also have bookmaker reviews available to help you. All in all, bettingexpert is here to help you, whether you are a rookie or a veteran, to get the most out of your sports betting.

Bookmakers For Betting On Nicaragua Campeonato

When using the bettingexpert communities Nicaragua Campeonato predictions, you want to make sure that you choose the right bookmaker. With the league still being fairly small, you want to ensure that you can find a bookmaker that still offers a wide variety of betting options. Right here at bettingexpert we provide bookmaker reviews to aid you in choosing the right bookmaker for your specific needs. Here are a few things you should look for, and take into account, when finding the right bookmaker for you;

  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Extensive in-play betting options
  • Good odds compared to other bookmakers
  • Wide variety of sports

Get started betting today, check out our bookmaker reviews to find the right bookmaker for you and get a bonus code to help you get started.

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