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How To Bet On The NHL


Betting on the NHL can prove to be an extremely profitable venture. There are thousands of NHL games the bet on each season with deep menus of NHL betting markets available to exploit. Our detailed guide to how to bet on the NHL will show you how to find value betting on the number one ice hockey league in the world.

Betting On The NHL: An Introduction

The National Hockey League (NHL) is North America’s premier professional ice hockey league, and is the biggest, richest, most famous and most prestigious ice hockey league in the world. To get an idea of just how big the NHL is in ice hockey and how it is the Mecca for any aspiring young ice hockey player; imagine the Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A – combined, and that would still be selling it short.

Ice hockey in particular is hugely popular in Central and Eastern Europe. In Sweden ice hockey is the no.1 sport, and they have their own professional league, while the Russian based Kontinental Hockey League is Europe’s richest and second only to the NHL. However, the Holy Grail for every player competing in the Kontinental Hockey League or the Swedish Hockey League is to play in the NHL and test themselves against the very best.

NHL Dates

The 2018/19 NHL season begins October 3rd 2018 and runs through April 6th 2019, with the Stanley Cup Playoffs set to begin shortly after.


  1. NHL Teams, Divisions And Playoffs
  2. NHL Betting Explained
  3. NHL Betting Strategies
  4. NHL Bookmakers
  5. NHL Betting Tips
  6. NHL Live Streaming
  7. History Of The NHL
  8. Summary

1. NHL Teams, Divisions & Playoffs

The NHL schedule format follows that of the NBA, MLB and the NFL in that it begins with a regular league season before becoming a knockout competition and finishing with a showpiece final.

The National Hockey League is made up of 30 teams which are divided into two separate conferences; the 16-team Eastern Conference and the 14-team Western Conference. The Eastern Conference is divided into two NHL team divisions of eight teams; the Metropolitan Division and the Atlantic Division. The Western Conference is split into two NHL team divisions of seven teams; the Central Division and the Pacific Division.

Eastern Conference: Atlantic Division:

TeamDate Joined
Boston Bruins 1924
Buffalo Sabres 1970
Detroit Red Wings 1926
Florida Panthers 1993
Montreal Canadiens 1917
Ottawa Senators 1992
Tampa Bay Lightning 1992
Toronto Maple Leafs 1917

Eastern Conference: Metropolitan Division:

TeamDate Joined
Carolina Hurricanes 1979
Columbus Blue Jackets 2000
New Jersey Devils 1974
New York Islanders 1972
New York Rangers 1926
Philadelphia Flyers 1967
Pittsburgh Penguins 1967
Washington Capitals 1974

Western Conference: Pacific Division:

TeamDate Joined
Anaheim Ducks 1993
Arizona Coyotes 1979
Calgary Flames 1972
Edmonton Oilers 1979
Los Angeles Kings 1967
San Jose Sharks 1991
Vancouver Canucks 1970
Vegas Golden Knights 2017

Western Conference: Central Division:

TeamDate Joined
Chicago Blackhawks 1926
Colorado Avalanche 1979
Dallas Stars 1967
Minnesota Wild 2000
Nashville Predators 1998
St. Louis Blues 1967
Winnipeg Jets 1999

NHL Regular Season

Each team plays a total of 82 league games (41 at home and 41 on the road) during the regular season, which normally runs from early October until early April the following year. Teams will play up to five games against each of the other teams in their division as well as playing the other teams in their conference three times. The remaining games in a season are “inter-conference” which allows every team in the NHL to play each other twice.

How Are The NHL Playoffs Determined?

At the completion of the regular season, the NHL standings will result in the top eight teams in each Conference progressing to the playoffs, which are played out in a straight knockout fashion and in a quarterfinal, semifinal and final format.

The playoff dates vary, but normally take place from the second week in April until the second week of June. These eight teams comprise the top-three teams in each division plus the two strongest teams outside of the top three for a total of eight teams in each competition.

For example, in the 2015-16 NHL regular season, in the Metropolitan Division the Washington Capitals finished first, followed by the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers. In the Atlantic Division, the Florida Panthers finished first followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Detroit Red Wings. The New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers finished fourth and fifth in the Metropolitan Division, but accrued more points than any other teams remaining in the combined Eastern Conference and so earned “wildcard” berths into the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The NHL hockey playoff system sees the Eastern and Western Conference playoffs play out alongside each other in a straight knockout format, with a First Round (or quarterfinal), Second Round (or semifinal) followed by the Conference Final itself. In the Eastern Conference, teams compete for the Prince of Wales Trophy, while in the Western Conference they compete for the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

UK fans are often surprised how many games are in a NHL playoff series, which is the best of seven. The First Round of the playoffs is the equivalent of a quarterfinal, the Second Round to a semifinal leading on to the Conference Final itself.

Stanley Cup Final

The winners of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference playoffs then face each other in the best-of-seven Stanley Cup Series final. The Stanley Cup Series is played over two weeks beginning at the end of May. The matches are played at the home stadiums of the finalists, with the team with the better regular season getting “home ice advantage” meaning that the first two games are played at their stadium, followed by two away games. The first team to win four games wins the Stanley Cup.

A Stanley Cup Series will usually go the full seven-match distance or finish 4-2. Between 2000 and 2016, six Series finals went the seven-game distance, seven finished 4-2 and two ended 4-1. 4-0 scorelines are a rarity, and the last 4-0 rout happened in 1998 when the Detroit Red Wings blitzed the Washington Capitals. Interestingly, all four finals between 1995-98 finished 4-0.

Recent Stanley Cup Champions

YearWinnersLosersSeries Score
1997 Detroit Red Wings Philadelphia Flyers 4-0
1998 Detroit Red Wings Washington Capitals 4-0
1999 Dallas Stars Buffalo Sabres 4-2
2000 New Jersey Devils Dallas Stars 4-2
2001 Colorado Avalanche New Jersey Devils 4-3
2002 Detroit Red Wings Carolina Hurricanes 4-1
2003 New Jersey Devils Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 4-3
2004 Tampa Bay Lightning Calgary Flames 4-3
2006 Carolina Hurricanes Edmonton Oilers 4-3
2007 Anaheim Ducks Ottawa Senators 4-1
2008 Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penguins 4-2
2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings 4-3
2010 Chicago Blackhawks Philadelphia Flyers 4-2
2011 Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks 4-3
2012 Los Angeles Kings New Jersey Devils 4-2
2013 Chicago Blackhawks Boston Bruins 4-2
2014 Los Angeles Kings New York Rangers 4-1
2015 Chicago Blackhawks Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2
2016 Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks 4-2
2017 Pittsburgh Penguins Nashville Predators 4-2
2018 Washington Capitals Vegas Golden Knights 4-1

2. NHL Betting Explained

Because the NHL like most US team sports combines both a regular league season with a knockout cup competition, it offers fans of sports betting a wide variety of markets to wager on, all under the NHL banner. Some markets are relatively general and apply to other team sports while others are unique to ice hockey.

Here are some of the more popular NHL betting options:

NHL Outright Bet

An Outright Bet is a general sports betting market, and is a bet on a particular team or player to win a specific competition. In the NHL there are multiple Outright Bets to be had:

Four Divisional Champions

The NHL is divided into two conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, and these conferences in turn are each split into two subdivisions, making a total of four divisional titles to wager upon; in the Eastern Conference there is the Metropolitan Division and the Atlantic Division, and in the Western Conference there is the Central Division and the Pacific Division. It might seem that the divisional titles would be the most minor of all NHL trophies to win, but try telling that to the team who has played 82 bruising regular season games just to lay their hands on that Divisional title!

Two Conference Playoff Winners

Upon the conclusion of the regular NHL season, the top eight teams from each conference will contest the playoffs. These ties are played out in a straight knockout format, and each are decided over a best-of-seven series of games. Some bookmakers may even offer NHL Playoff Series odds, which are the odds on each team to win that particular best-of-seven series.

After two rounds played out in a quarterfinal and semifinal format, the two teams still standing will then face off in the Conference Finals. The winners of the Eastern Conference final receive the Prince of Wales Trophy, while the champions of the Western Conference win the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

Learn how to bet on the NHL playoffs here.

Stanley Cup Winner

The two Conference champions will then go forward to contest the Stanley Cup in a best-of-seven game series, which is the biggest and most illustrious trophy in professional ice hockey.

Obviously one doesn’t need to wait until the final to look for NHL odds to win the Stanley Cup. The NHL odds to make the Playoffs or win the Stanley Cup will be far stronger before a puck has been struck in anger.

Learn how to bet on the Stanley Cup Final.

Correct Score

This bet is simply predicting what you think will be the correct score at the end of the game. To win the bet you must predict the exact final scoreline of the game, even if it finishes 0-0. If you believe that the Montreal Canadiens will defeat the Detroit Red Wings 6-3, you must state that exactly in your bet. If you believe that the Red Wings will beat the Canadiens by a single late goal deep into overtime, you must bet the Red Wings to win 1-0, and state exactly that when you wager. If you believe the Canadiens and the Red Wings will tie the game at 3-3, you must choose exactly that scoreline as your wager.

Goal Totals Over/Under

Anyone who regularly wagers on soccer games will be more than familiar with the Goals Totals Over/Under market. For those not so familiar, the rule is simple: continuing with our meeting between the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings, one must predict - using their knowledge of the form of both teams - what the final score will be at the end of their game. It’s not important which team wins, it is the total number of goals we are interested in. So, if you imagine that the Canadiens will defeat the Red Wings 4-3, we are looking at a total of seven goals. If you believe that the likelihood is there will be seven or more goals in the game, your bet is +6.5. If you believe there will be less than seven goals in a game, your bet would be -6.5.

Match Result (end of regulation)

While this would seem to be the most straightforward bet of all – which indeed it is - it comes with a slight but important caveat. “End of regulation” means the end of the regular time period of an ice hockey game, which is 60 minutes. Bear in mind, there are no draws in competitive ice hockey, and if a game is tied after 60 minutes, it is then decided by the Golden Goal rule in overtime, which means the first team to score wins the game.

So with this bet, you are predicting specifically what the scoreline will be at the end of the regulation 60 minutes, regardless of what happens in overtime.

Match Result (including OT)

This bet is simply wagering on your prediction for the final result of the game - including overtime. Match Result betting is the most popular market in the NHL, with some 1,230 regular season games to wager upon, and that’s not including the playoffs.

Puck Line Handicaps

Handicap betting is popular in many sports as it creates interest in a matchup that would otherwise be too one-sided to wager on. The Puck Line Handicap – sometimes referred to as NHL Betting Puck Line - is a betting market unique to ice hockey, but is in fact not dissimilar to regular spread betting.

A point spread is applied to the favourite and underdog. Often the puck line will be set at 1.5; the underdog will receive +1.5 goal puck line handicap, meaning if you bet on the underdog, they must not lose by two or more goals for you to win. The favourite will receive a -1.5 goal puck line handicap, meaning if you bet on the favourite, they must win by at least 2 goals for you to win your bet.

3. NHL Betting Strategies

Having an effective betting strategy tailor-made to a particular sport in place before embarking on a series of sports bets makes perfect sense. Depending on your knowledge of the NHL and how much time you are prepared to research it and analyse stats and facts, your NHL betting formula can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it.

Knowledge is power, and the more research you put into the NHL , the more solid will be your NHL betting strategy, the more accurate will be your predictions and the more successful your betting.

Here are some key pointers for your NHL Betting Strategy:

Who’s Hot And Who’s Not

All sports bettors love to back the long-shot and then see it come in, but let’s face it – that hardly ever happens. Successful sports bettors will monitor the NHL betting trends and consistently bet on the certs and sure-things, using handicapping or specific betting markets like Exact Score to increase the odds in their favour before making their NHL betting picks.

For example, let’s say the Boston Bruins are on fire, on a ten-game winning streak and top of the Atlantic Division. The Bruins are coming up against the Toronto Maple Leafs who are bottom of the table and on a six match losing streak.

The NHL betting lines reveal the odds on a Bruins win are 1.10, meaning one would have to bet £10 to win £1. The odds on an upset win for the Maple Leafs are much better at 7.00, meaning that a £10 bet would return £60 plus the original £10 stake. The temptation is to back the Maple Leafs in a romantic notion that they will prevail and you will win big. Upsets like that happen once or twice in an NHL season, and realistically the Bruins will win comfortably.

The logical option if you want better odds is to look for NHL handicap strategies. If the Bruins have been winning their games decisively and conceding few goals, a solid handicap would be -1.5 and you would get even better odds at -2.5. What you are saying with these handicap bets is you believe that the Bruins will win by at least two clear goals (-1.5) or at least three clear goals (-2.5).

Similarly, based on their form guide and the amount of goals they score and concede you could bet on the Bruins to win via Total Score, Goals Scored and Exact Score

Study Home And Away Form

In the course of a complete NHL season from league matches through to playoffs, teams will play almost an equal amount of games at home as on the road. The regular season is comprised of 41 home games and 41 away fixtures. If a team makes the playoffs, each tie consists of a best-of-seven series of games, with home honours shared. Therefore it’s not difficult to establish which teams have home stadiums that are fortresses and which teams don’t, and which teams can cut it on the road and which teams can’t.

In the majority of ice hockey arenas, the fans are so close to the action and get so involved with the game they will be either a help or a hindrance to the home team. A team which is on fire at home and winning every week, and whose fans are so vocal they are a virtual “seventh man “ on the ice will be tough to beat - and difficult to bet against.

The flip-side is a team on a losing streak at home will have their supporters on their backs. Often such teams perform better on the road where they feel less pressure.

Simply by consulting the NHL tables and the form guide of two teams going into a game, and checking their corresponding home and away records, you will be able to make an educated assessment of how the game is likely go, and then bet accordingly.

How Good is the Goaltender?

The most important player for any team on the ice is the goaltender. The “goalie” in the NHL is far more than just a shot-stopper, they are invariably the team-leader on the ice, the man berating his teammates for their mistakes. The goalie is the only player who – barring injury – will always play the full 60+ minutes of a game.

Top goaltenders in the NHL include Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens, Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins, Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers and Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings, and they are often the highest paid player on the team – for good reason; teams don’t win trophies without great goalies.

Best Sites For NHL Stats

If you're looking to take your NHL betting analysis to the next level, we recommend that you visit our top five website for NHL stats: Stats NHL Stats NHL Stats

Consult bettingexpert

If after studying the form guides of the teams involved in an upcoming game and checking the NHL public betting forums to see what the general consensus is you are still undecided, why not do what thousands of sports bettors do every single day? You might not be an NHL betting expert (yet) but the expert tipsters at bettingexpert are, and they will provide you with winning NHL tips and predictions all season long. If you need NHL handicapping tips, NHL picks today or even NHL tips tonight, your bettingexpert NHL tipster will provide them for you.

Further NHL betting strategy, please read:

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4. NHL Bookmakers

While already established as one of the top sports to play, watch and wager on in North America as well as Central and Eastern Europe, the ice hockey sports betting market is still growing in Western Europe and Australasia.

It is therefore important to search for an online bookmaker with excellent NHL coverage before you start your NHL betting.

No matter the sport, this is always Rule no.1. When searching for a bookmaker for your NHL betting, you will no doubt come across US online bookmakers who would seem to have a deep knowledge of the sport, with a wide selection of markets and enticing offers and catchphrases like “NHL Betting Moneyline” or “Vegas Odds NHL Playoffs” or “Vegas Odds NHL Stanley Cup”.

There’s just one problem – online betting is illegal in the US.

US betting sites are completely unauthorized and answer to no national licensing authorities. If you use a US bookmaker, you run the risk of never seeing your winnings. By comparison, all UK and European based bookmakers are liable to strict government enforced rules and regulations. If in doubt, always use one of the online bookmakers featured on bettingexpert.

While lots of NHL betting markets relate to other team sports like soccer (Outrights, Goals Scored etc) there are several markets that are specific to the sport of ice hockey (Match Result including OT, NHL Over/Under, Puck-Line Handicap etc). A search on any odds comparison site will show you which bookmakers are offering the widest variety of ice hockey betting markets.

Take The Best Odds

Odds are a key element to successful sports betting. No matter the sport, always be sure you select a bookmaker who consistently delivers odds that are among the best on offer. Odds comparison sites provide an at-a-glance selection of odds for any NHL market relating to a specific game, and also NHL series odds which cover best-of-seven NHL matchups. Bettingexpert not only provide expert NHL hockey betting tips and free hockey picks for games, they also deliver the bookmaker with the very best odds.

NHL Live Streaming

Several online bookmakers now live-stream NHL games. Live-streaming can enhance your NHL sports betting experience, especially when on-the-go, so be sure to look for a bookmaker who provides that service.

The NHL lends itself extremely well to in-play betting. Most bookmakers that cover the NHL offer excellent in-play betting markets, so be sure that is the case with the bookmaker you choose.

For detailed bookmaker reviews, please visit our Bookmaker Reviews listing.

5. NHL Betting Tips

If your knowledge of the NHL is limited but nevertheless you are still keen to bet on the National Hockey League on a regular basis, you will need a consistent source of top quality NHL betting tips. There are a multitude of so-called experts that claim they can provide this service for you , often at a cost. There are several US betting advice sites that will give you “Free Winning Picks” as long as you subscribe to an illegal US-based online bookmaker. Our advice to you would be to avoid such sites like the plague!

By far your best option is the free tips and NHL betting predictions provided daily by the team of NHL expert tipsters affiliated to bettingexpert, who not only give you the likely winner, but also find the online bookmaker delivering the very best odds for that bet, which has to be among the very best NHL hockey betting systems available!

Bettingexpert has a vast network of expert tipsters, covering a host of sports with an excellent success rate. Bettingexpert awards tipsters a ranking based on their profit rate, and this is displayed in a league table. Tipsters climb the league table through a combination of sheer talent, sporting knowledge, tireless research and sports betting experience. The highest ranked tipsters featured on bettingexpert are those who have proved to be the most consistently successful.

Bettingexpert’s top NHL tipsters have reached the pinnacle by patiently studying the form of NHL teams past and present, from Stanley Cup winners to no-hopers, from current NHL team lines, to analyzing players favored to be drafted. As a result, a typical bettingexpert NHL tipster is scarily consistent when it comes to picking winners, week in, week out, so if you in the market for some quality tips, why not give them a try?

For the latest NHL betting tips, visit our NHL Betting Tips page.

6. NHL Live Streaming

If you would like to watch NHL games on UK TV, you have several options:

Satellite TV

You will need to sign up for a satellite TV package. BT Sports and ESPN cover the NHL, particularly the Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Series.

NHL TV Streaming Package

If you are a hardcore NHL fan, you could sign up for an internet-based package like the one offered by NHL.TV. Other companies like NHL Center Ice and NHL GameCentre claim to deliver up to 40 NHL games per week, interviews with NHL teams and managers plus archive footage.

Free Live-Streaming

Watch the NHL schedule during the Regular Season, Playoffs and Stanley Cup Series via the excellent NHL live-stream online free service provided by a number of online bookmakers.

NHL Live Streaming

The NHL live-stream offered by most bookmakers is HD quality, so whether you are watching the game on your phone or tablet, on your PC or through your Smart TV screen, you are guaranteed superb picture quality, often accompanied by expert live-match commentary.

Because it’s live streaming, you can watch the big game while on-the-go. You may be working late at the office or the factory or traveling on a bus or train, as long as you have your device with you and a Wi-Fi connection or a 4G signal, you can enjoy all of the action and indulge in some in-play betting. Brilliant!

7. History Of The NHL

Ice hockey was first played in the mid-1800s in Canada, and the first known rules of the game were published by the Montreal Gazette 1877. The game’s popularity in Canada escalated during the late 1800s, and several leagues were formed during this time. The first professional ice hockey league of any consequence was the National Hockey Association (NHA), which was established in 1910 and comprised seven teams.

The National Hockey League was formed in 1917 by the disgruntled owners of four teams playing in the National Hockey Association. These were the four teams who created the NHL; the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, and Quebec Bulldogs, and were officially the first NHL teams. They created the nucleus of the sporting behemoth that is today’s NHL, and their actions signaled the demise of the NHA.

Battle For The Stanley Cup

The National Hockey Association folded in 1918, but the fledgling NHL still had to compete with other more powerful leagues like the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and the Western Canada Hockey League (who would later merge to form the Western Hockey League) for the right to play for the Stanley Cup, which was at the time a separate competition, having been established in 1893.

As the National Hockey League grew in strength and rival leagues fell by the wayside (the WHL would fold in 1926), the Stanley Cup became increasingly synonymous with the NHL, but it would not be until 1947 that the NHL were able to complete a deal with the trustees of the Stanley Cup to gain full control of it and to use it as the focal point of their annual competition. The physically enormous Stanley Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America and remains one of the most iconic images in sports. It was recently voted as the second most famous winner’s trophy in history – behind the Olympic Gold Medal.

The Growth Of The NHL

The NHL was originally made up of 10 teams, but that was cut to six during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Those teams were the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers. One might have wondered how does the NHL work with just six teams, but the answer seemed to be just fine, as that format would last for almost 40 years.

The “Original Six” as they were known would remain alone until 1967, when the league was expanded to 12 teams, allowing for the establishment of an East Division and West Division, forerunners of today’s Eastern and Western Conferences. These new additions to the NHL were known as “expansion teams”, a term that is still used to describe new NHL teams today. The NHL continued to grow and by 1974 it comprised 18 teams.

In 1972, the NHL’s dominance was threatened by the emergence of the World Hockey Association, which was backed by big bucks, signed up many of the game’s biggest names and had as many as 30 new franchises at its peak. However by 1977 the WHA was in steep decline, and the NHL would absorb several of its teams before it folded completely in 1979. When rival leagues like the World Hockey Association ceased to exist in 1979, the NHL absorbed several of their teams and by 1992 it had 22 teams, and that figure steadily increased to the 30 teams the NHL features today.

International ice hockey had been dominated since the early 1950s by the Soviet Union’s legendary “Big Red Machine” that won seven Olympic gold medals and 22 World Championships. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to a huge influx of highly skillful Eastern Europeans which raised the standard of the NHL considerably as well as increasing the talent pool available for more expansion teams. By 1992 there were 22 franchises in the NHL, and that figure has continued to rise, and when the yet-to-be named $500-million dollar Las Vegas expansion franchise joins the NHL in 2017, there will be 31 teams in the league.

Dominant NHL Teams

The most successful team in NHL history is the Montreal Canadiens, whose 24 Stanley Cup victories is way ahead of their nearest rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13 wins. However, while the Canadiens are still an enormous franchise (Forbes recently valued them at $1.2 billion, behind only the New York Rangers), they have forgotten how to win, failing to lift the Eastern Conference trophy since 1993 – which was also the last time they won the Stanley Cup.

As one of the Original Six, the Detroit Red Wings have had their historical successes dating back to the 1930s and 40s, with their “Golden Era” occurring in the early 1950s when they won the Stanley Cup three times in five years. After a 42-year dry spell, the Red Wings re-established themselves at the top with Stanley Cup wins in 1997 and 1999, 2002 and 2008.

The Toronto Maple Leafs – much like the Montreal Canadiens – remain an enormously wealthy and powerful NHL franchise, even though they won the last of their 13 Stanley Cups in 1967. Six-time Stanley Cup winners the Boston Bruins have reestablished themselves as a top NHL team after many decades in the wilderness. The Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup victory was their first since 1972.

The Bruins made the series final again two years later, this time losing to the Chicago Blackhawks, who after an even longer dry spell than the Bruins are arguably the top team in the NHL right now, with Stanley Cup victories in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

The New York Rangers might be the richest team in the NHL, but they are hardly the most successful with just four Stanley Cup victories in their history, the most recent being in 1994, although they were losing finalists to the Los Angeles Kings in 2014.

In recent years there has been much success for the teams outside of the “Original Six”. The Tampa Bay Lightning claimed their first ever Stanley Cup victory in 2004 and they were followed by first timers the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006 and the Anaheim Ducks the following year. One of the newer NHL franchises – the Los Angeles Kings – established in 1967, enjoyed incredible success when they won the Stanley Cup 2012 and again in 2014, while another 1967 expansion team – the Pittsburgh Penguins – would win ice hockey’s ultimate trophy for the first time in 2009 and again in 2016 and 2017.

8. Summary

To sum-up, if you are searching for a new sport to get excited about and to bet on, the National Hockey League could be just what you’ve been waiting for. As a pure spectacle, ice hockey is one of the most exhilarating spectator sports on the planet, and the NHL – with its combination of a league, a knockout tournament climaxing with ice hockey’s own Word Series – is a product delivered with the style and slickness that only Americans can pull off.

The NHL is already huge, and it’s going to get a whole lot bigger. The as-of-yet unnamed Las Vegas NHL expansion team is set to take to the ice at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in 2017, and will be the first major professional sports team to be based in Las Vegas, so the surrounding publicity will be intense. Team owner businessman Bill Foley has paid the NHL $500 million for the privilege of playing in the world’s no.1 ice hockey league, but he clearly thinks it’s worth it. Expect more NHL expansion teams to follow.

Look for the NHL UK profile to get a whole lot bigger in the coming months and years, as more sports fans take an interest, and more sports bettors test the NHL betting markets. Some sports like soccer and tennis work really well with in-play betting and live-streaming, and can be enjoyed equally at home or on the road. You can add ice hockey to that list.

With access to the excellent NHL tips provided by the top tipsters at bettingexpert, plus a little knowledge of the NHL, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot start successfully betting on ice hockey, throughout the NHL regular season, during the all-out warfare which is the NHL Playoffs and then into the showpiece Stanley Cup Series.

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