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How To Bet On The T20 Blast


Betting On The T20 Blast: An Introduction

The t20 blast is the UK’s twenty over a side domestic cricket tournament. The first nation to bring t20 cricket to life as a professional format, the English t20 blast has been in place in various guises since 2003. What started as nothing more than a bit of hit and giggle cricket, brought in to encourage families and in particular children to watch the sport, quickly became the sports global golden goose.

The t20 blast matches are always played at traditionally sociable hours such as early evenings or weekends to ensure its targeted demographic can attend matches in person. It is easily the counties biggest earner each year, with sell-out crowds the norm for many of the sides that play their matches on Friday nights or Saturday lunch times. For instance, the first t20 match to be played at Lords back in 2004 saw a crowd of 26,500 watch Middlesex versus Surrey.

Crowds are still flocking to watch matches, with the 2015 competition seeing eleven of the eighteen counties reporting a year-on-year rise in attendance figures. The average t20 blast fixture also saw 800 more people attend than the previous year.


1 - T20 Blast Tournament Format
2 - T20 Blast History
3 - T20 Blast Betting Odds Explained
4 - T20 Blast Value Bets
5 - T20 Blast Betting Explained
6 - T20 Blast Betting Strategies
7 - T20 Blast Bookmakers
8 - T20 Blast Free Bet Offers
9 - T20 Blast Live Streaming
10 - T20 Blast Betting Tips
11 - Summary

1 - T20 Blast Betting: Tournament Format

The eighteen counties are guaranteed a minimum of fourteen t20 blast fixtures each year. Out of these fourteen fixtures, seven of these are played at home and seven away from home. There are two groups of nine, spilt up by region, called the North and the South Divisions. Each county plays six sides in the same group twice (home and away), and plays one game against the two remaining counties. There are two points on offer for a win and one point is awarded for a tie or no result.

T20 Blast North Division

TeamLocationHome Ground
Birmingham Bears Birmingham Edgbaston
Derbyshire Falcons Derby County Ground
Durham Jets Chester-le-Street Riverside Ground
Lancashire Lightning Manchester Old Trafford
Leicestershire Foxes Leicester Grace Road
Northamptonshire Steelbacks Northampton County Ground
Nottinghamshire Outlaws Nottingham Trent Bridge
Worcestershire Rapids Worcester New Road
Yorkshire Vikings Leeds Headingly Carnegie

T20 Blast South Division

TeamLocationHome Ground
Essex Eagles Chelmsford County Ground
Glamorgan Cardiff SWALEC Stadium
Gloucestershire Bristol Bristol County Ground
Hampshire Southampton Rose Bowl
Kent Spitfires Canterbury St Lawrence Ground
Middlesex London Lord's
Somerset Taunton County Ground
Surrey London The Oval
Sussex Sharks Hove County Cricket Ground

T20 Blast Knockout Stage

At the end of these matches, the top four from the two t20 blast tables qualify for the quarter-finals. Naturally the four are decided by whoever gains the most points over the course of the fourteen group games, with net run-rate deciding the outcome if two or more sides are tied on equal number of points. A perk of finishing in the two of each group is the county gets to play their quarter-final match at home.

Once these t20 blast results are completed, the four winners move on to the jamboree that is the t20 blast finals day. Over the course of a ten-hour day, these four t20 blast teams play the semi-finals and then the final in front of a packed crowd at a pre-determined venue. This is usually Edgbaston (due to its central location and large capacity) but finals day has been played at various venues over the years. The winner of the t20 blast is naturally the side that wins both their semi-final fixture and of course the final itself.

Potential T20 Blast Format Changes?

There have been several occasions over the years where it has looked like the ECB might be able to convince the counties to switch to a franchise system to match the success’ that have been witnessed in India for the Indian Premier League (IPL) and in Australia for their Big Bash League (BBL) For many varying reasons, this has never taken off.

The main reason is of course down to money, and in particular the smaller counties being worried that they might be left hung out to dry by losing revenue by having their home matches switched to the bigger venue of the county they have merged with. For example, Worcestershire merging with Warwickshire would mean New Road in Worcester would lose fixtures to Edgbaston, Birmingham. Likewise, Sussex might lose matches played in Hove to neighbouring Hampshire, and the much bigger Rose Bowl in Southampton.

Also there is the rivalry side of things. Why would Somerset fans want to sit and support the same side as the Gloucestershire fans, when for years there has been a healthy West Country rivalry between the two counties? We won’t even mention what Yorkshire and Lancashire supporters might think about their two counties merging together to form a North-West city based franchise!

Finally, there is the itinerary to consider. Currently, t20 blast fixtures are spread across the summer at sociable times of the week to ensure crowds can watch at a time that suits lifestyles. By moving to a city based franchise system, matches are more likely to be crammed into a window of say five to six weeks where each side plays a lot of matches in a short space of time. Sure, this might attract some bigger named players to the competition, but can people in the UK really afford three matches in a week, let alone want to watch that much cricket in a short space of time? Then of course there is the weather factor – the UK’s weather system isn’t as reliable as India or Australia – who is to say a bank of wet weather couldn’t come in and totally washout 30% of the tournament?

Whilst the current t20 tournament format is far from perfect, its currently the best the ECB can muster up given the fact there are eighteen separate counties to satisfy and all the above factors to consider.

2 - T20 Blast history

Here is a list of t20 blast winners and finals day venues of each tournament held since its 2003 inception:

2003 Surrey Trent Bridge
2004 Leicestershire Edgbaston
2005 Somerset The Oval
2006 Leicestershire Trent Bridge
2007 Kent Edgbaston
2008 Middlesex Rose Bowl
2009 Sussex Edgbaston
2010 Hampshire Rose Bowl
2011 Leicestershire Edgbaston
2012 Hampshire Sophia Gardens
2013 Northamptonshire Edgbaston
2014 Warwickshire Edgbaston
2015 Lancashire Edgbaston
2016 Northants Edgbaston
2017 Notts Edgbaston

Prior to the 2018 t20 blast, the most successful team in regards victories have been the Leicestershire Foxes. Not only have they won three competitions, they have also made two other semi-finals. Hampshire and Northamptonshire are the only other multiple winners.

The least successful side has been Derbyshire, who have only ever qualified from the group stage on one occasion. Lancashire have just one trophy to their name but have qualified from the North group on all but three occasions.

3 - T20 Blast Betting Odds Explained

Like every sport, T20 betting odds reflect the probability of a given outcome occurring. This could be the outcome of a match, the total runs scored, who will be the highest wicket taker, any of a number of betting markets. The probability reflected in betting odds is often referred to as the implied probability. For example, let's say that Lancashire is listed at odds of 1.60 to win an upcming T20 Blast match, then according to the bookmakers, Lancashire has a 62.5% chance of winning the match. The implied probability can be calculated as:

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

Understanding betting odds is crucial to successful long term betting..

For more advice on betting odds and what they mean take a look at these articles:

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4 - T20 Blast Value Bets

So why is understand the implied probability of betting odds so important? Well, the most important thing when it comes to profitable betting, whether you're betting on the T20 Blast, another cricket tournament or any other sport, is to only place a bet when you have identified a value opportunity. What is a value opportunity? A value opportunity is when you consider the chances of a given outcome greater than the probability implied in the bookmaker's odds.

Determining betting value requires a simple calculation:

Value = (Decimal Odds * Your Assessed Probability) - 1

So for example, if we are offered odds of 1.60 for Lancashire to win a T20 Blast match (odds that have an implied probability of 62.5%) and we consider the likelihood of that outcome to be 70%, then we have a value betting opportunity because our assessed likelihood of a Lancashire victory is greater than that implied in the bookmaker's odds.

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5 - T20 Blast Betting Explained

Match Outcome

The most popular market in t20 betting is of course the match outcome. Two sides head-to-head, the winner takes all. You can either place a bet pre-match with any traditional bookmaker or wait for a potentially bigger price in play after the action starts.

In-Play Team Runs Over/Under

As t20 is usually all about run scoring, you can bet on a number of markets in regards a team’s batting performance. One such popular market is a rolling over/under run line in which a bookmaker will set a certain number of likely runs a team will score in their 20 overs. If they lose a wicket or play out a few dot balls, that line is likely to decrease. If a batsman hits a boundary, then naturally that line will increase. The same also applies for individual batsman runs lines that changes throughout their innings.

Total Boundaries Hit

t20 is also about boundaries and the Natwest t20 blast 2018 will be no different – bookies will often offer an over/under line of the number of fours or sixes a side will hit during their 20 over innings. Some sides are more adapt at hitting sixes than others, whereas other sides have weaker bowling attacks in which batting line ups have a better chance to attack successfully. Like the over/under runs line mentioned above, these are rolling totals quoted throughout a sides innings that will change.

Highest Score After 6 Overs

In t20 cricket there is a batting powerplay in which the fielding side can only have two players fielding outside the fielding circle. This is to encourage batsman to play bigger shots and look to score boundaries in this early stage of an innings. Because of this powerplay, highest 6 overs score is another market that often can give pre-match value. Some sides have opening batsmen that always look to hit boundaries no matter what the pitch or game scenario is, whereas another team’s openers might look to be slightly more circumspect in say a lower run chase.

Man Of The Match

Man of the match awards are handed out to players that naturally make a telling difference to the outcome of any given match. For value, concentrate on looking for players that might have several quieter matches, before suddenly popping up from nowhere to bowl a match winning spell on a suitable wicket or a middle order batsman that can blast his side to victory from seemingly nowhere with a quick-fire cameo.

Top Team Batsman

Top team batsman is also another market in which you can back a player to be his sides leading run scorer. Here you take the winnings if your player scores the most runs over the course of his sides twenty overs. Likewise, you can back top team bowler, in which the winner is the bowler that takes the most amount of wickets in a match for his team.

Highest Opening Partnership

How about a bet that involves both sides opening partnerships? You can back highest opening partnership in the match with most online bookmakers in which the winning bet is the side who makes the most runs before they lose their first wicket.

Player Performance

Finally, many bookmakers offer an over/under player performance market which can provide both excellent value and interest to a punter throughout any English t20 blast fixture they might be watching. Here they offer any player 1 point for a run, 10 points for a catch, 20 points for a wicket and 25 points for a stumping and offer quotes on a number of player’s pre-match on an over/under basis.

6 - T20 Blast Betting Strategies

Research likely conditions and ground history

A game of cricket is more condition dependant than any other sport in the world. First of all, there is the not so small matter of the surface to consider. Does history suggest this will be a batsman friendly wicket? For instance, The Oval, where Surrey play their home games, had 3 of the highest 8 team scores in the 2015 edition of the t20 blast so this is a ground to back bets involving high number of runs and/or boundaries.

What about the size of the ground? Taunton in Somerset is not only a good batting wicket, it is also a smaller than average sized playing area, meaning sixes can be hit with relative ease in comparison to say the Ageas Bowl in Hampshire, that tends to have much bigger boundaries.

What about the weather? Bright sunshine makes batting much easier, whereas cloud cover can assist seam bowlers – especially at some grounds such as Headingley, where Yorkshire play their home t20 blast fixtures.

In Play Value

The t20 blast is no different to any other t20 cricket tournament played around the world. The action is fast paced and in play odds often vary massively from over to over depending on what drama unfolds. It isn't uncommon for a fielding side to be rated as a 5.0 outsider, to suddenly flipping to be the 1.33 favourite as they strike two quick blows including a sides star batsman.

Likewise, a chasing side can be needing an improbable 52 runs off the last 25 balls and being rated as a 6.0 outside shot, then suddenly 3 balls get hit for six in a row and the batting side become 1.75 favourites as they now only need a very gettable 34 from 22 balls! These types of flips are very common during any t20 match as the pace of play is so frenetic. Better value can often be found in play, it’s all about timing the right moment to place your bet.

Dot Balls Bring Action

In t20 cricket you can be sure that if the bowling side bowls several dot balls in a row, something is about to happen. The batsman in question that has played out a succession of no scoring shots will be feeling the scoreboard pressure and will be forced into playing a risky, big shot to try and make up for the decreasing run-rate. Expect a wicket or a boundary the moment a batting side plays out three or four successive dot balls. Perhaps in play look to back a run out or a stumping as the next wicket method as these pressure situations often make a batsman do something silly.

Batting Positions Are Key

120 balls is not a lot of time for a team innings so we need our top team batsman choice to be at the crease for as long as possible in most situations. In the majority of t20 blast matches, it pays to open the batting or bat at number three in t20 cricket. The new ball comes onto the bat, the field is up in the inner ring during the powerplay, giving plenty of boundary opportunities and of course your man gets to bat for as long as possible. In the t20 blast 2016, the first 21 matches saw an opening batsman top score in 18 out of 21 fixtures and 23 out of 42 innings played.

7 - T20 Blast Bookmakers

For t20 blast cricket, William Hill appear to offer the best range of pre-match markets. Whether the match is a televised affair or not, William Hill offer the same level of available markets and trustworthy service level no matter what the match.

Ladbrokes t20 odds are some of the best in the industry as well – in particular this bookmaker offers great prices for outsiders in the top team batsman markets.

Betfair cricket is also growing into one of the best value sportsbooks in the market place. Betfair betting tips are also provided online for free on their blog, helping guide us into how to win in cricket betting for certain t20 cricket betting tips.

It's also important to consider a bookmaker’s reputation. Are they trustworthy? Are you able to withdraw winnings in quick time? Do they have numerous deposit methods? It's important to do your research before selecting a bookmaker for T20 betting. It's also important to consider their welcome bonus when signing up. Some bookmakers offer very generous sign up bonuses that are well worth taking advantage. But remember to read the welcome terms and conditions as what may appear an attractive offer at first glance, may not be so attractive when you consider the conditions that must be met in order to withdraw your bonus as cash.

If you're wondering which bookmaker might best suit your T20 betting needs and which offer the best welcome bonuses, refer to our detailed list of bookmaker reviews.

8 - T20 Blast Free Bet Offers

Paddy Power often have good offers on for televised t20 blast fixtures. 

Unibet pften make available unique offers for their cricket punters.

Finally, whilst not a free bet offer, keep an eye on Skybet who often offer both pre-match and in-play price boost for the top team batsman or top team bowler markets. A price boost is where a bookmaker offers enhanced odds on a certain player that is sometimes 20% or more higher than the industry price.

9 - T20 Blast Live Streaming

As of 2018 the only place you can watch domestic England t20 blast live streaming is via Skygo. This is Sky’s online streaming service accessed via latops, tablets and smart phones that is free for all Sky Sports customers. You can register two accounts per Sky account meaning you can watch Natwest t20 blast online live, even when away from your televisions. This service can be great for following a live match that you might have had a pre-match bet on. Please be aware that there is often a one minute or so time delay in Skygo’s coverage from what is really happening live, meaning this service is not ideal for people looking to bet in-play on the match in question.

There is no other platform in the UK to watch t20 blast televised fixtures due to Sky’s total ownership to broadcast all cricket on their platforms.

10 - T20 Blast Betting Tips

If you're looking for T20 Blast betting tips, then the bettingexpert Cricket Tips page lists all our current T20 Blast tips and predictions. Sort T20 Blast tipsters by a range of filters to find which cricket tipsters are consistently finding T20 Blast betting value.

See all current T20 Blast tips now.

11 - Summary

To summarise, the Natwest t20 is a fine cricket tournament to bet on. Not only are there plenty of matches to choose from, there is also an entire library of historic data to pour over given the fact the same sides play each other year-in year-out. Two great statistical based websites to look at to assist your punts are:

ESPN CricInfo


Here you can search for team, individual and ground performances and averages, plus also look at how certain players performed against each opposition in past t20 blast fixtures. These websites can help us gain an edge over the bookmaker in regards seeing how many boundaries tend to get hit on certain grounds, right the way down to seeing if a certain bowler tends to take lots of wickets against a particular side on a particular ground.

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