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How To Improve Your Golf Betting

Golf is one of the most popular sports on the planet. With regular tournaments taking place including the Majors, there are a broad range of betting odds and markets available for golf bettors. Whether you want to bet on tournament winner markets, top 10 finish or match bets, there's plenty of golf betting value to be found.

If you're looking for regular betting events, then golf is the perfect sport for you to bet on. There are golf tournaments being played around the world almost every week, with the four Majors the focus of the season, the US Open, USPGA Championship, British Open and the Masters. There is also the Ryder Cup and other international tournaments.

In this bettingexpert guide to betting on golf, we will show you to improve your returns when betting on golf, regardless of which golf tournaments or odds you enjoy betting on. Many golf bettors enjoy betting on straight up tournament winner markets, while others prefer to wager on top finish odds, and if you really know your golf you can bet on player vs player match markets.

Detailed Guides to Improve Your Golf Betting

To increase your chances betting on golf, read our detailed golf betting guides. We will tell you how to earn consistent returns betting on popular golf tournaments and betting markets. Each guide will show you how to earn regular profits across a range of tournaments and betting markets.

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