Poker Chart For Texas Holdem

Surprisingly, there are only a few hands that can be played early in a game. This is because other players have the option to raise the bet after you have played. Using the poker chart give you an advantage in these situations. It is most helpful in tables with low limits, ie. limits of $.10/.20 - $1/2.

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It is very rare that these tables go to the showdown. Therefore, it is not an advantage to – to bluff. Often times at these tables, the players wait for their ÔluckyÕ card. They often call a flop early and hope that the card they need is revealed.
Although sometimes this strategy works, in the long run, it is never a successful strategy. Therefore, it is important that you make your bet or raise when you have a strong hand. If you slow the game down, you are risking giving a free card to the other players. Therefore, when a flop is called, you should bet, call or raise if you have a good hand and fold if you have bad cards.

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