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There are many sites on the web making great claims as to the success of their horse racing naps, but here at bettingexpert, we can back it up. Our racing expert Stephen Harris delivers his Daily Nap every day, posting his best value bet every morning so you can make some serious money in the afternoon. And what's best is that the bettingexpert Daily Nap is a 100% free horse racing nap service. No need to pay outrageous subscription fees, we make the bettingexpert Daily Nap available every morning at no charge. And with an exceptional record of profitability, that's the best value bet you'll find in the horse racing tips business.

The bettingexpert horse racing nap of the day has a long record of success and has been endorsed by tipster verification and review service, The Secret Betting Club. So you know the bettingexpert Daily Nap is among the best horse racing tips services currently available anywhere. Since beginning in 2011, Stephen Harris has delivered a long list of winners, with consistent returns and a win strike rate near on 40%. So if you're still following other expensive or less than consistent UK horse racing tips services, we have to ask you, why? When the bettingexpert Daily Nap is available free every morning, you'd be crazy to pay for tips elsewhere.

Get each bettingexpert horse racing nap for today, every morning at around 8am UK time. And follow Stephen on twitter @stephenh61 to receive his regular updates, race reviews and reflections on the racing and betting industry. If you're serious about making money from horse racing betting, bookmark our Daily Nap page and check back each day for our next horse racing nap of the day. With a strike of better than one in three, there's a good chance that today's Daily Nap will be another winner.

How to select a Daily Nap? by Stephen Harris

Stephen Harris"I try to identify races where the number of realistic winners is small, focussing often on novice hurdles or novice chases where the competition tends to be low and there are a few standout contenders to focus on. This keeps the overall strike rate high and limits the possibility of trouble in running or ill-fortune playing too much of a part. I keep notes and ratings for all runners over jumps and this makes life a lot easier, with the excellent Timeform website making the whole process a lot more manageable (in the past it was paper form-books, scribbled notes and a lengthy time to analyse each race on its merits). I have found it is far more profitable to use ones own judgement, rather than listening to second hand gossip/tips and messages from the stables or owners."

"Getting a good price is crucial. It is little use maintaining a 35% winner strike rate if the average price is 4/7 (1.57). Finding value has got a lot harder in recent years, with so much information in the public domain and the ability to watch every race freely available to everyone. These days things that are obvious tend to get overbet, with very few layers left on the exchanges and the astute fighting over a few crumbs of value every morning (before the market becomes more liquid and adjusts correctly come the off)."

"As the bettingexpert Daily Nap has become more popular (and endorsed by the Secret Betting Club), it has undoubtedly become harder to obtain the top of the market first thing in the morning (with just a handful of marked winning accounts capable of shortening a price quite dramatically). It is important now that the price put up is available with at least three of the main layers, and to be on the ball when it comes to securing it. Otherwise it is quite possible to turn what is a profitable free tipping service into something that plays a draw or even worse, loses over time."

"Once finding the right race to play in, I feel it is important to try and locate a weak link at the front of the market. Very often this will mean playing against a "name" trainer or jockey with a big public following...concentrating on the actual form achieved rather than the hype and expectation around what could be an underpriced favourite. It is always best to maintain a cynical, sceptical disposition when assessing a race. Look for reasons to take on an impressive winner, was he flattered by a hold-up ride off an overly fast pace? Or was the form achieved on a very galloping track such as Towcester, and he is now at a speed based course like Ludlow? Finding real negatives at the front of the market will quickly pinpoint where the real value lies."

"It's very important to take the ground into account. When the ground changes the form changes. I am always aware of the weather forecast and stay on top of conditions. Tread very carefully when the surface alters suddenly...months of form can suddenly become irrelevant and it is all too easy to hit a very bad run when all of ones assessments and analysis is outdated. I follow each of the tracks accounts on twitter for up-to-date info and check the @racinggoingreports every morning on Twitter (and follow myself Stephenh61 for all horse racing tips and thoughts). Understanding the pre-requisites of all the main contenders is a key aspect of finding a Nap...and the going is by far the most important factor in the decision making process."

"I also look for races where there are several frontrunners likely to ruin each other on the lead, teeing things up for the patiently ridden runner who can cut them down late. Understanding the run-styles of all the runners is very important, and while second guessing jockeys can be a dangerous game, it is a good way of avoiding the poor value favourite who had everything go his way last time. Particularly over fences, bossing a small field from the start (jumping every fence unhindered by others and setting your own fractions), can produce a visually impressive performance that might not be repeated under different circumstances. Many horses are flattered in finishing close up in small field, muddling contests, that leads to them getting too high a mark when switched to more competitive handicaps later on. Understanding the merits of certain races is key going forwards....and knowing how a horse can perform to his best rating is vitally important when weighing things up."

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