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Free NBA Betting Tips - Get Ready For The Finals!

The NBA is one of the most popular leagues at bettingexpert. From the moment that the NBA season commences in October, all the way to the NBA Finals in June and July, the bettingexpert community posts literally thousands of free NBA betting tips, giving you the loyal bettingexpert followers, the chance to make money throughout the NBA season.

No matter what your preferred NBA betting odds are, whether it's NBA betting tips against the spread, point total over unders, head to head predictions or free NBA betting tips for the playoffs, the bettingexpert community of basketball tipsters share their NBA expert picks leading you to the betting value and help you turn a profit and build your betting bankroll this NBA season.

It doesn't matter what stage of the NBA season it is, whether it's the opening week, the All Star break or heading into a NBA playoff series, bettingexpert's NBA tipsters are committed to identifying betting value and posting profitable free NBA betting tips.

It's one thing for bettingexpert basketball tipsters to be posting profitable NBA picks throughout the season, but what makes it even greater, is that all NBA tips posted at bettingexpert is free. That's no right, every NBA prediction at bettingexpert is free. No subscription fees. Just profitable and most of all, free NBA betting tips from October all the way through July.


October 2018  NBA Regular Season Begins
April 2019  NBA Regular Season Concludes
April 2019  NBA Playoffs Begin
May 2019  NBA Finals Begin

Some betting tips sites and forums only ask their members to post their predictions, without any reasoning or justification for their picks. At bettingexpert our tipsters write up full betting previews for each NBA betting tip that they post, detailing why you should follow their NBA predictions today, tomorrow and for the remainder of the season.

If a tipster thinks the Golden State Warriors are going to easily defeat the San Antonio Spurs, that tipster will write up a full match preview to accompany their predictions. If another tipster believes the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls are going to score a combined total of 195 points, again, a full match preview will accompany their prediction. This way you can see which basketball tipsters really know their NBA and which do not. 

So who will win tonight's NBA games? Our experts post their NBA predictions today, tomorrow and right through the season.


The National Basketball Association is one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world, both the pinnacle of basketball across the globe and only behind the NFL in terms of popularity in the U.S.

The league began play in 1946 and through the years has turned many of its greats into sporting legends. Names such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and of course, the player many regard as the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan.

The first truly dominant team in NBA history were the Boston Celtics, winning eleven NBA titles from 1957 to 1969. Led by NBA legend Bill Russell, the Celtics dominated the competition appearing in ten straight NBA Finals from 1957 to 1966. Throughout the 1980's the Celtics lead by Larry Bird found a rival Magic Johnson's Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers would win five NBA titles through the 80''s with the Celtics winning three.

While the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons would each win back to back titles in the 1990's, the decade belonged to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls would appear in six NBA Finals in eight seasons, claiming the title on each occasion.

The 2000's would be dominated by Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers and Tim Duncan's San Antonio Spurs. When LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami, the Heat would appear in four straight NBA Finals, winning two.

The most recent NBA Champions are Golden State Warriors, who won their sixth title in 2018.

Recent NBA Champions

YearChampionsRunners UpSeries Score
1997  Chicago Utah 4-2
1998 Chicago Utah 4-2
1999 San Antonio New York 4-1
2000 LA Lakers Indiana 4-2
2001 LA Lakers Philadelphia 4-1
2002 LA Lakers New Jersey 4-0
2003 San Antonio New Jersey 4-2
2004 Detroit LA Lakers 4-1
2005 San Antonio Detroit 4-3
2006 Miami Dallas 4-2
2007 San Antonio Cleveland 4-0
2008 Boston LA Lakers 4-2
2009 LA Lakers Orlando 4-1
2010 LA Lakers Boston 4-3
2011 Dallas Miami 4-2
2012 Miami Oklahoma City 4-1
2013 Miami San Antonio 4-3
2014 San Antonio Miami 4-1
2015 Golden State Cleveland 4-2
2016 Cleveland Golden State 4-3
2017 Golden State Cleveland 4-1
2018 Golden State Cleveland 4-0

Best NBA Tipsters

So you're wondering which tipsters at bettingexpert continually post the most profitable free NBA betting tips. While not all of our NBA expert picks are profitable, it would be unrealistic to expect them to be, there are however a number of consistently profitable NBA tipsters at bettingexpert.

The difference between bettingexpert and other betting tips sites is that tip followers can determine which tipsters are consistently profitable and which tipsters are not. Each NBA tipster has their record clearly displayed, meaning you can discover which tipsters finding the best NBA betting odds and posting the best NBA predictions today and throughout the season.

Below are our top 10 NBA tipsters for the last two seasons. As you can see, our NBA experts know how to find the betting value and will do so again this season.

See the top tipsters here

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NBA Favourites


LeagueClubTitles NBA Betting Tips
NBA   Golden State Warriors 6 See all NBA Tips here
NBA   Cleveland Cavaliers 1 See all NBA betting tips
NBA   Boston Celtics 17 See all NBA betting tips
NBA   San Antonio Spurs 5 See all NBA betting tips
NBA   Houston Rockets 2 See all NBA betting tips
NBA   Utah Jazz 0 See all NBA betting tips

NBA Odds

There are many types of NBA tips available at bettingexpert, with bookmakers offering a deep menu of NBA odds and bet types. What are the most popular NBA odds and tips at bettingexpert?

NBA Betting Tips Against The Spread

NBA spread betting, also known as handicap betting is easily the most popular market for NBA betting odds. When it comes to free NBA tips, handicap betting is certainly very popular among the bettingexpert community of basketball tipsters.

The bettingexpert community of NBA tipsters thrive on the challenge of betting against NBA handicaps. Will the Oklahoma City Thunder win by more than the 5.5 point handicap in an upcoming game against the Dallas Mavericks? Will the Cleveland Cavs get within the 2.5 point handicap in a road match against the Toronto Raptors?

Regardless of which team you support, free NBA betting tips against the spread prove to be a real challenge, with only the best NBA tipsters able to turn a profit. Fortunately for our bettingexpert followers, some of the best NBA tipsters on the internet post their selections each day of the season.

NBA Over Under Betting Tips

NBA spread betting might be the most popular form of betting on the NBA, but betting on point totals is almost as popular and in certain cases, the sole focus of many NBA tipsters. In this format, tipsters predict whether or not a NBA game will finish over or under a given number of points.

For example, an upcoming NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Lakers has an over/under line set at 188 points. In NBA over under betting, our basketball tipsters post their selections, predicting whether or not the game will end with more than 188 combined points or fewer than 188 points.

Our basketball tipsters post dozens of free NBA betting tips on over under lines each day of the NBA season. The great thing about over under betting is that there is no concern with who will win the game. All you need to worry about is whether are the number of points scored.

NBA Head To Head Betting Tips

While not as popular as NBA handicaps and over under totals, head to head betting still attracts many NBA tipsters each season. One reason for its popularity is its simplicity. No need to worry about handicaps or how many points are being scored. All you need to worry about is who will win tonight's NBA games. That's it.

Each month of the NBA season, our community of basketball tipsters post hundreds of free NBA tips for head to head betting, with full match previews and analysis.

NBA Playoff Predictions

Another popular bet among bettingexpert's basketball tipsters is predicting which teams will feature in a NBA playoff game this season. Will the San Antonio Spurs win the Western Conference? Can the New York Knicks win the Atlantic Division? Will the Portland Trailblazers win the Northwest Division?

NBA playoff predictions are available through the season, with our basketball tipsters posting their playoff tips and previews across division winner markets, conference winners and which teams will meet and contest the NBA Finals in June and July.

With six divisions in the NBA, division winner betting is a popular market, mainly due to the fact that bookmakers often overestimate the chances of teams on the decline while teams on the rise are almost always underrated. On the bettingexpert NBA betting tips page, you'll find NBA playoff predictions all year around.

Where To Bet On NBA betting tips

As one of the biggest and most popular sporting leagues in the world, every bookmaker in the betting industry provide a great range of NBA betting markets for you to wager on. But which bookmakers do we recommend for NBA betting? Here are our top bookmakers for NBA betting.

Free NBA tipsUnibet are another bookmaker to consider for your NBA betting. Unibet are widely regarded as one of the best basketball bookmakers in the industry and when it comes to NBA betting, few bookmakers are better. If you like betting on the NBA pre-market, Unibet offer a superb range of markets. Likewise when it comes to in-play NBA betting, Unibet offers a deep menu of markets. See a complete Unibet review here.

Free NBA tipsWinner Sports is another bookmaker to consider when you're thinking about betting on the NBA. Not only do Winner Sports offer one of the best range of NBA markets, including both pre-match and in-play, but also a great range of promotional offers available to both new and existing customers. See a complete Winner Sports review here.

More Basketball Betting Tips at bettingexpert

We don't just stop at the NBA when it comes to basketball betting tips. Visit our Basketball Betting Tips list to see all current basketball betting tips, with predictions posted for some of the biggest basketball leagues in Europe, Asia and across the world.

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