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The J1 League is the top division in the Japanese footbal system. An extremely successful league, one of the most popular in Asia, interest in Japanese football clubs has grown steadily in recent years. With growing interest in Japanese football, so too has the interest from within betting circles, with more bettors wagering on this division with each season.

It can be difficult to make successful bets on this division. Despite the fact that the J1 League is growing in popularity, it can still be tough to find out the latest J1 news to increase your knowledge of the division and therefore increase your chances of making profit. This is why it can be extremely beneficial to you to visit our bettingexpert pages. The members in our betting community post their J1 betting tips throughout each season, helping you to learn more about this exciting league.

There are always plenty of opportunities to find betting value throughout the J1 League campaign. Our bettingexpert tipsters can help you find this value, by posting the best Japan football betting tips around at the best odds available.

Our J1 League predictions range from Match Result and Both Teams To Score tips to Total Goals Over/Under and Asian Handicap. What makes all of our Japan J1 League predictions even more attractive is that they're absolutely free!

Let's take a look at how the J1 League works. The J1 League is home to 18 clubs who play each other twice - once at home and once away. The side that finishes with the most points at the end of the season wins the J1 League title and is awarded with a place in the AFC Champions League. The side finishing in second place is also given a spot in the Champions League, with the third place side entering the AFC Champions League in the qualifying rounds.

The teams who finish in 16th, 17th and 18th positions suffer automatic relegation to the J2 League, replaced by the top two teams of that division as well as the J2 playoff winners.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Kashima Antlers are the two most successful J1 League teams in its history, each winning the title on eight occasions. Kashima Antlers are the current title holders, winning the 2016 J1 League.

Previous J1 League Winners

SeasonWinnersRunners Up
2016 j1 betting tipsKashima Antlers j1 betting tips Urawa Red Diamonds
2015 j1 betting tips Sanfrecce Hiroshima j1 betting tips Gamba Osaka
2014 j1 betting tips Gamba Osaka j1 betting tips Urawa Red Diamonds
2013 j1 betting tips Sanfrecce Hiroshima j1 betting tips Yokohama F. Marinos
2012 j1 betting tips Sanfrecce Hiroshima j1 betting tips Vegalta Sendai
2011 j1 betting tips Kashiwa Reysol j1 betting tips Nagoya Grampus
2010 j1 betting tips Nagoya Grampus j1 betting tips Gamba Osaka
2009 j1 betting tips Kashima Antlers j1 betting tips Kawasaki Frontale
2008 j1 betting tips Kashima Antlers j1 betting tips Kawasaki Frontale
2007 j1 betting tips Kashima Antlers j1 betting tips Urawa Red Diamonds

J1 League Rankings

An important aspect of any sports betting is to increase your knowledge of the competition you wish to bet on. Keeping up to date with the league table, form guide, injuries, suspensions and so on gives you the opportunity to assess bookmaker odds better, spotting value bets and therefore increasing your chances of making profit. Below is the current J1 Japanese football league standings, it's worth checking this table each time you want to place a bet to see which teams are worth a bet.

J1 League Table And Form Guide


J1 League Fixtures

japan j1 league predictions

Another good way of improving your chances of being successful with your betting is to develop a betting plan. By looking at future J1 league matches, you allow yourself to keep your discipline as well as the time to spot the best bets. Take a look at the next set of J1 League fixtures.


Best J1 League Tipsters

Consistenly placing successful bets on J1 League football can be difficult work. With many teams in this division capable of beating any other, it's key to be aware of the inner workings of J1. This gives you a greater chance of profiting on your betting.

This is where following our bettingexpert tipsters can be very beneficial to you. Our members post their well researched J1 betting tips throughout the season, with previews attached explaining the reasons behind the predictions they've posted.

Our J1 league predictions consist of Match Result tips, along with other favourites such as Total Goals Over/Under, Half-Time/Full-Time and Both Teams To Score to name just three. With a variety of J1 betting tips available, there's sure to be a tip to match your favourite beting market!

Finding the best Japan J1 League predictions can be tough also. There are many tipsters around who claim to offer accurate tips, but how can you be sure their tips are as successful as they say? Well, at bettingexpert we rank all of our tipsters in terms of their success rate. Each tipster's profile displays the total profit they've made on their previous tips, their total yield and the success of their last five tips. This ensures that you follow only proven expert tipsters. Remember, all of our Japan football betting tips are completely free! 

In 2016 our bettingexpert community posted over one million betting tips! Take a look at our best J1 League tipsters during that time:

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As you see above, our top five J1 League betting tipsters can all boast some impressive profits and yields! Follow these tipsters for your future J1 League betting, but it's also worth your while to check out the rest of our bettingexpert members too.

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J1 League Betting Favourites

J1 League Betting Tips on favourites 2017

CompetitionClubTitles J1 League Betting Tips
J1 League j1 betting tips Kashima Antlers 8 J1 League Betting Tips
J1 League j1 betting tips Kawasaki Frontale 0 J1 League Betting Tips
J1 League j1 betting tips Urawa Red Diamonds 5 J1 League Betting Tips
J1 League j1 betting tips Gamba Osaka 2 J1 League Betting Tips
J1 League j1 betting tips Sanfrecce Hiroshima 8 J1 League Betting Tips
J1 League j1 betting tips Yokohama F. Marinos 5 J1 League Betting Tips

How To Bet On The J1 League

Whilst the J1 League is gaining popularity within betting circles, most bookmakers don't offer the same range of odds and markets as they do with some of the world's bigger league, like the English Premier League or Spain's La Liga. Still, there are many opportunities to bet on J1 betting odds with markets such as Match Result, Handicap and Both Teams To Score readily available.

J1 League betting can be tough, but there are still hundreds of bets placed on this league each week of the campaign. At bettingexpert, we have a large amount of J1 betting tips posted on our site, so be sure to check out our predictions before you bet.

As well as betting tips, we also offer a wide range of guides designed to help you improve your betting. Found in our How To section, our guides range from betting theory and strategy to individual sports and events. Try our How To Bet On Football guide, which explains each betting market, the best strategies to employ with your betting and much more.

Where To Bet On The J1 League

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Where To Bet On J1 League Where To Bet On J1 League Where To Bet On J1 League
Where To Bet On J1 League Where To Bet On J1 League Where To Bet On J1 League
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