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Water polo, most likely originating in the United Kingdom, is a seven on seven-team sport played in a pool. The goal is to score the most points by moving a ball, roughly the size of a volleyball, down the length of the pool and into the opposing team’s goal.

A water polo game is traditionally divided into four periods. The length of the period varies depending on the level of play from eight minutes for Olympic level play to 5 minutes for under-14 teams.

Due to the fluid nature of the game, player positions are not fixed as they are in other sports like hockey. However, of the seven players, one is the goalie and may touch the ball with both hands at the same time. The other six players are dispersed throughout the pool is various offensive and defensive positions. To move the ball down the pool, players can either carry or push it. The ball must stay above the surface of the water and players may only have one hand on the ball at a time.

Waterpolo Betting

While not the most popular, fans can find waterpolo betting on the web through various sports books. To bet on waterpolo, it is highly recommended to become familiar with the rules and teams to be able to evaluate waterpolo betting tips and make the best picks.