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Football Transfer Betting Odds & Latest News

The annual winter and summer football transfer windows are opportunities for clubs all across the world to strengthen their respective squads in a bid for championship glory, league survival and European qualification - in the summer of 2016 over £1bn was spent by English Premier League clubs alone.

Football clubs aren’t the only beneficiaries of the transfer window, as fans and punters alike can also take advantage of live, wide-ranging transfer odds markets on all the players in the midst of terrace talk and newspaper speculation.

Football Transfer Betting

Where to Bet on Football Transfers

Betting on football transfers is one of the biggest markets for those looking to jump on the latest gossip column tip or a social media post from a player suggesting he’s on his way to another club’s city. This has become one of the most fun and interactive betting markets and it’s no wonder pretty much every bookmaker now capitalises on the mass appeal of football transfer odds.

Arguably the main players for transfer betting odds are Sky Bet, BetVictor, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes. There are nuances in the way each bookmaker offers player odds, with some preferring the bigger name player transfer odds, while others going for the players not so much making the morning headlines e.g. in the Championship.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Transfers

Picking a preferred bookmaker for football transfer betting may seem easy at first, but it all depends on what you want to get out of it. Odds fluctuate and there are better value choices out there, as well as selection of players and depth of market. We’ll take you through all the options so you can make a quick and informed choice.

Football Transfers BookiesStandout FeatureBonusRanking
Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses Huge Range of Transfer Specials Get up to £100 in free bets Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses
Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses Lower League Transfer Odds Bet £10 and get £30 risk free Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses
Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses Huge Range of Transfer Specials Bet £10 and get £30 risk free Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses
Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses Top Trending Transfer Odds Bet £5 and get £30 risk free Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses
Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses Specials and Transfer Range Get up to a £50 free bet Football Transfers Bookies Ranking & Bonuses

Sky Bet

The obvious choice and the bookmaker with the most exposure during transfer window season. The odds on-offer are usually up there with the best on-offer and when rumours begin to start they usually offer a really strong selection of odds on players in the Premier League, lower leagues (if they are linked with moves to bigger clubs) and those commanding column space around Europe too. Odds are constantly live and updated so it’s also a great resource to see what players are likely to go where!


The biggest positive of using BetVictor for transfer betting odds is the fact that there’s so much depth on-offer (especially during the height of the window being open for clubs to do business). Here you can find odds on players in the lower leagues, as well as more choice on clubs being linked with players from time-to-time.

Paddy Power

Another top offering for transfer odds, similar to its rivals it offers extensive markets on top players and it can sometimes offer more interesting odds on Irish linked players and clubs (due to them being an Irish bookmaker). The clean layout and ease of selecting a player is completely user-friendly too.


Although not often boasting the greatest depth of available player markets, the odds are usually up there with the best out there. If you want competitive odds on the ‘big name’ player moving or the latest trending player then chances are you’ll be more than satisfied with what Ladbrokes transfer odds has to offer.


It feels like transfer odds aren’t of the biggest emphasis for Coral, however they do offer very good odds on a range of top trending players currently in the transfer discussion. With the bookmaker having a very competitive site in other markets and sports, their transfer odds section compliments the user experience and it’s very easy to access and select the player transfer in question.

Special Offers

Bookmakers will from time-to-time offer more advanced market specials on transfer odds. This happens when a certain player is making a lot of headlines and there is plenty of speculation surrounding the next club odds. Usually this will entail odds on the player staying at the current club, odds on the next moves, whether the player will move in the summer or winter etc. Paddy Power and Sky Bet are specifically good at offering specials offers like this, Ladbrokes too are worth checking out for such odds.

Sky Sports Transfer Specials

Sky Sports’ bookmaker Sky Bet really is the ‘home’ of the specials when it comes to football transfers, an absolute treasure trove of individual player specials, such as next club odds and odds on the likelihood if the player will actually remain at the club at the end of the transfer window. It’s not just player transfer odds you can get here, but also next manager odds (this is sort of like a transfer afterall)!

Even when the transfer window slams shut there is always available odds on a player move to select from, albeit lacking in depth during the off months, you can be assured that there is always an option to bet here which is why it has become synonymous with this kind of market.

Football Transfer Window

The football transfer window is simply a set period of time where football clubs are allowed to sell and buy players instantly to bolster or to trim from their playing squads. Each country's football association can decide on the set time of this transfer window, which means that not every league you may follow might share the same dates. One rule that applies to all is that the transfer window may not exceed 12 weeks.

It is also worth noting that a transfer can occur from a club which is currently in a period of time where the transfer window is closed to another open transfer window in another country.

Transfer windows are situated usually in pre-season (before a league season starts) and during the mid-way point of the league’s season - which means these windows are open at different times all across the globe with some leagues starting in the spring/summer and others starting later in the year (usually dependent on geographical and cultural factors).

Transfer Window Start Dates

The transfer window start dates fluctuate around the world, but most of the time markets across the major and smaller leagues are open at the same time to allow the movement of players. Europe’s top leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga all open in January and then again in June.

Pre-Season Transfer WindowMid-Season Transfer WindowLeague 
9 June - 31 August 1 January - 31 January English Premier League Premier League Transfer Window Dates
1 June – 31 August  1 January – 2 February Spanish La Liga La Liga Transfer Window Dates
1 June – 31 August  1 January – 2 February German Bundesliga Bundesliga Transfer Window Dates
1 June – 31 August  1 January – 2 February Italian Serie A Serie A Transfer Window Dates
1 June - 31 August 1 January – 2 February French Ligue 1 Ligue 1 Transfer Window Dates
18 February - 11 May 4 July - 3 August Major League Soccer (MLS) MLS Transfer Window Dates
17 June - 6 September 28 January - 28 February Russian Premier League Russian Premier League Transfer Window Dates
1  January - 28 February 19 June - 14 July Chinese Super League Chinese Super League Transfer Window Dates

Transfer Window Finish

The final day of the transfer window has now been given the adopted name of the Transfer Deadline Day, and it almost takes the feel of a national holiday with all day stories on every news platform available. Expect a rush of late activity from clubs scrambling to make a last sale or purchase, and all the pomp and circumstance surrounding such dramatic moves is part of the reason that Deadline Day is a ‘can’t miss’ in every football fan's calendar.

So what happens after the when the transfer window finishes? The following weeks and months are usually a time where clubs now have a settled playing squad and will hopefully reaping the rewards of business well done in their respective transfer windows. Expect transfer rumours and stories to continue in these ‘closed’ months with speculation bubbling up until the window re-opens.

No players can move during this period, except those without existing contracts and loan-deals, which in-turn has its own deadline - depending on which league you are following.

Football Transfer News

Where to Get The Latest Transfer News

Getting reliable transfer news and actually navigating the minefield, which is transfer gossip and rumour can be daunting but once you know a trusted source you should be fine in keeping up to-date with stories that have substance or at the very least, entertainment value. We’d highly recommend Transfer Site - the ultimate hub for transfer stories from a range of trusted sources as well as bespoke articles discussing the latest trends and rumours.


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Transfer Rumours

There are a lot of rumours online and in-print of where a certain player is or isn’t going, and it can be tough to sometimes figure out what you should actually believe. Transfer Site fortunately offers a great live feed that pulls in the most reliable reporting from around the top news sources.

Transfer Market - What is it? How Does it Work?

The transfer market facilitates moves between association clubs during a set time period and although loved by fans, it is loathed by many managers and club owners as it’s seen as a disturbance. Some have called for an-all-year-round transfer market, meaning that players aren’t ‘tapped up’ during set times with markets squeezed and players ultimately becoming ‘priced out’ of reach, by clubs in desperate need of reinforcements.

Players can be sold to another association club after the last fixture of a season (e.g the Premier League), but most can’t officially make the move until July 1st, with most contracts expiring in Europe on June 30th. This of course can differ in different league set-ups e.g. Major League Soccer player contracts can expire at the end of the calendar year.

To put all of this simply, a money bid is made from one club to another, if accepted, the two clubs (via agents and player etc) go into contract discussions with the outcome of the player being transferred. Loan-deals are also a part of the transfer window and this pretty much means a player is loaned out to another club to get more game-time and development with the ultimate aim of having that player return to become a first team player at their parent club.

Chinese Super League Transfers - Emerging Market

A transfer market that has made the headlines globally in recent times is the Chinese Super League, which has become the emergent market in football and has already seen a fair share of top money moves.

Shanghai SIPG bought Brazilian international Oscar from Chelsea for around £60m in January 2017, while another Brazilian Hulk, made the move, also to Shanghai SIPG for a few in the region of £46m back in 2016. The much sought after Alex Teixeira was snapped up by Jiangsu Suning for around £39m, and Jackson Martinez left Atletico Madrid for Guangzhou Evergrande in a deal worth £33m.

Will the likes of a Ronaldo or Lionel Messi ever make the transition from the European market to the Chinese market? Time will tell but there’s no doubt that the Chinese Super League is changing the football transfer market landscape.

Who is the most expensive football player transfer?

Gareth Bale’s transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013 took three years to beat (£85.3m), but in the summer transfer window of 2016 Manchester United made the world record signing of Paul Pogba from Juventus for £89m.

Somewhat notably back in 2001 Real Madrid bought Zinedine Zidane from Juventus for £46m - a record that lasted until 2009 when Real Madrid once again stole the headlines with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo for £83.7m.

RankPlayerTransfer From-ToTransfer Fee
1 Paul Pogba Juventus - Man Utd £89m
2 Gareth Bale Tottenham - Real Madrid £85.3m
3 Cristiano Ronaldo Man Utd - Real Madrid £80m
4 Gonzalo Higuain Napoli - Juventus £75.3m
5 Luiz Suarez Liverpool - Barcelona £75m

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