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Online Sportsbooks In USA

Is online betting legal in the US? The answer is complicated. The online sports betting landscape in the US has undergone many changes over the past year, with a number of legal online sportsbooks beginning to open in certain states. Online sportsbooks provide users with the opportunity to place both pre-match and live betting wagers via the internet from anywhere within the state boundaries. For an overview of sports betting sites in the US read on.

Is Online Betting Legal In The US?

To answer the question ‘is online betting legal in the US?’ we must take a look back at the changes in sports betting laws from the past few years. The repeal of The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) by the Supreme Court in May of 2018 was the major game changer for online sports betting in the US. It took away the federal ban on sports betting and provided individual states with the ability to decide for themselves if sports betting was to be legalized within their boundaries.

So, in order to find out is online betting is legal in the US, it is important to look at each state’s gambling laws. Some states have legalized sports betting but they still require users to make bets at land-based casinos, prohibiting online sportsbooks from taking wagers via the internet. Other states are still in the process of ironing out kinks in the regulations and licensing of online casinos and are expected to take at least a year or two to get online sports betting fully operational.

At the moment there are only two states that allow users to make online bets: New Jersey, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Online Sportsbooks

New Jersey was one of the first states to jump on the opportunity to legalize sports betting after the PASPA repeal. Since then, many of the world’s top sports betting platforms have entered the market, teaming up with land-based casinos to bring New Jersey-based bettors the chance to bet online. It should be noted that all online sportsbooks in New Jersey require users to turn on location settings software, whether it be on mobile device or desktop, to ensure that users are within the state boundaries when making wagers.

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West Virginia Online Sportsbooks

West Virginia is relatively new to the online sports betting scene compared to New Jersey with only one up and running online sportsbook at the moment. Many top sportsbooks from around the world have shown intentions to enter the WV market, with some such as FanDuel and William Hill already teaming up with casinos in the state to bring online sportsbooks during 2019. Again, bettors at any online sportsbook in West Virginia will be required to be within the state boundaries to place wagers.

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Sportsbook Reviews

If you’re looking for in-depth reviews of the top online sportsbooks in your state bettingexpert has you covered.

How do we make our reviews?

bettingexpert writes each sportsbook review after extensively testing all services of online sportsbooks. We believe it to be very important that a sportsbook review is provided with personal experience and a comprehensive look at all features.

We attempt to provide honest unbiased appraisals in all of our sportsbook reviews and provide updates as often as possible to keep readers informed about all changes.

So what makes us experts?

bettingexpert has over 15 years of experience in the betting industry. Over the years we have been able to form a highly knowledgeable team that knows exactly what to look for in an online sportsbook. Holding ourselves to a high standard, our team provides opinions you can trust. Our relationships with the bookmakers help provide unique judgments which can be very useful in finding out which bookmaker suits your needs the best.

What information do we provide?

bettingexpert sportsbook reviews provide users with a variety of useful information. Everything from welcome bonuses to customer service to mobile applications is taken a look at, leaving no stone unturned. Reviews also look to answer questions such as ‘is online betting legal in the US?’

Sportsbook Betting App

Sportsbook betting apps are expected to play a huge role in online sportsbooks in the US. In general, sports betting apps are available on iOS and Android devices but will not be able for search on the Google Play store. Instead, users will be required to visit the online sportsbook and download the app directly from the mobile section of the website. This is due to the fact that online gambling apps are banned from listing on Google Play in the US.

Sportsbook betting apps will be free and will provide users with the chance to bet anywhere within state boundaries. To ensure users don’t leave the state, they will have to turn on location settings on their mobile device.

Features for most sportsbook betting apps will mirror the features provided by desktop clients. For the most part, users are expected to have the ability to bet on both pre-match and live betting markets on a variety of top American sports and leagues such as the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. Cash out functions and live streaming functions may also be available based on the sportsbook.

One advantage of using a sportsbook betting app is the ability to get notifications on your mobile device whenever one of your bets is completed or one of your favorite teams is playing. Quick deposit and withdrawals also give users the chance to get money on and off the platform with just a few taps on their device.

Expect mobile betting to boom in the US once online sports betting gets a strong foothold. With everyone’s attention being directed towards their mobile devices, it seems likely that online sports betting will follow suit.