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Sports betting started as fun for me in 2011, a form of easing off pressure from the day to day issues of life, but then i realized i was quite good at it and could actually make money off it, i did some reading on being disciplined, managing bankrolls and some essential knowledge needed to be a successful punter, Ive had and would definitely still have loosing and winning streaks because truthfully no human can accurately predict the outcome of a future event from time to time, and there is no magic involved, but with the right approach a good profit could be made (like i have), and loses could be minimized to a bearable level. i do not believe in Jack of all trades... that is while I stick to that one sport I know through and through...FOOTBALL. I enjoy watching matches of the major leagues from the Barclays Premier League to the Spanish La Liga, The Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, The French ligue 1, I usually look forward to Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the big one the UEFA Champions League, but on the business side i prefer The Italian Serie B, and the German 2 bundesliga, because most of my won bets have been from this leagues.

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