How To Avoid Betting Account Restrictions


What can you do if your betting account is restricted? How can you avoid having your account restricted by your bookmaker? Today on the blog editor of the Secret Betting Club Peter Ling talks with professional punter Mr Gekko about the best way to avoid having your betting account restricted.


“Mr Gekko" first appeared on the gambling scene in late 2009, writing articles for the Secret Betting Club discussing how he was making a living primarily from full-time betting and helping to provide inspiration to many others looking to do the same.

As a successful gambler, Mr Gekko was like many concerned by the issue of having his bookmaker accounts being restricted to small stakes only or even closed entirely, leading him to look for solutions around the problem.

Working with Mike Bishop from the Secret Betting Club, they jointly developed the ' Guide to Avoiding Account Restrictions and Closures' - a unique e-book dedicated to helping the profitable punter get on.

These days, with bookmakers turning the screw further and restricting more and more gamblers, some of the lessons that Mr Gekko and his co-author Mike reveal are more relevant than ever these days.

To help bettingexpert readers impacted in this way, we have an exclusive interview with Mr Gekko as he shares advice for punters impacted by bookmakers who close them down.

First of all, what was behind the decision to put together your guide on avoiding account restrictions and closures?

More than anything, it was as a direct response to my own and the team at the Secret Betting Club's experiences as profitable punters that the book first came about. We knew that we could produce something genuinely helpful for our clients on the back of the practical knowledge that we had acquired as pro gamblers. We had learned how to keep winning for longer, so there was great value in sharing our experience.

As we were dedicated to betting full-time, we were able to bounce our ideas and findings off a very large number of interested members, pro-gamblers and tipsters on a regular basis, to essentially extract as much crucial info as possible on account restrictions and everyone’s real life experiences. After all, we were all (and still are) in contact with a lot of very influential people.

We were fortunate enough to be able to learn by observation what those who were restricted rapidly were doing wrong, and to learn about the habits of those who had fared much better in this respect. Ultimately by putting all the golden nuggets of wisdom together, we came up with a compilation of top tips that you should use to be able to keep going for longer. Crucially it was based on passing the test of real life betting. The best thing was that we were testing out some of the tactics live in our own accounts for a year or two before we ever thought of creating the guide.

Near on a couple of years down the road, we’re really glad to say that the work has been so very well received by our existing clients, which is always pleasing.

What are your own experiences of suffering restrictions and closures?

I worked very closely with Mike (my co-author) at the time and we were in very regular dialogue at that point, teaming up on many Secret Betting Club projects together. Often that included the topic of what each bookie was doing what restriction wise and how each of us were coping with it.

I recall one instance when I was telling him about how using a bit of charm on the phone to a young, female betting assistant working at Sky Bet allowed me to get a restricted account de-restricted! It is moments like that that I recall the most, or to be precise, hearing Mike laugh at the story and suggesting we try it out elsewhere too.

By hearing his stories too, and of the great degree of success the SBC guys experienced in their personal betting accounts (before I had hit those highs myself), there was a real need to know how to make as much money as possible personally from betting. After encountering restrictions and learning a few things the hard way, as it turned out the next eventual step was to inform our readers on what we had learned.

What do you think makes a punter stand out as one likely to suffer restrictions?

Sadly, it is a fact of life that every successful punter will eventually face restrictions by the High Street bookies, as I term them. Winning does that to you, so it’s actually a great problem to have. Betting too big, getting caught up in big flows of smart money (where bookies are slashing aggressively after the tip comes out and when you’re still trying to land a big stake on), and behaviour that does not appear to be erratic and disorganised may speed that process up.

I make no qualms that the Account Restrictions Guide will not prevent the inevitable (just like how no medication will prevent our eventual death – sorry to be morbid). Rather, as per medicine, which keeps us alive for longer, the knowledge in the Account Restrictions Guide will keep your betting accounts alive for longer, which may allow you to make many thousands or tens of thousands more until the inevitable happens. That was the big idea of our project anyway and is still valid today.

All punters with a degree of success in their betting will no doubt value this ability to keep making hay while the sun is shining for as long as possible, especially as it gets much harder to do quite so well after losing some of your key accounts, which sadly happens for the first time when you are less experienced. Ideally we would wish to learn first and then get restricted as late as possible, not vice versa, as happens in reality. Hopefully learning from what others can teach you earlier on can help sharpen things up.

In your guide, you advise on what to do once restricted, because you suggest it isn't the end of such betting accounts. Can you share more?

It’s never the end. I have learned from experience when you can still get £100 bets on in restricted accounts with bookies that we normally don’t take very seriously in professional circles, without naming any names.

You want a clue? By understanding how a bookmaker is exposed to risk or otherwise, you can learn that it is crucially not only / always the stake size that matters to them. For instance, if you bet big on an outsider and it wins, you’ll hit them for six; they’ll spot you very quickly if you’re the only person betting £300 on the number of corners in a non-league game, standing to win e.g. £5,000 if you’re correct on an event that might have only attracted £10k of money nationally. You’d be half the market!

Meanwhile, if you’re standing to win £50 on Man Utd winning at home against someone pretty poor, you are almost zero percent of the global Premier League market.

So what I’m saying is that if you’re ever betting on Man Utd at short odds, a restricted account will often take a large stake. If you can lay off simultaneously on Betfair, you’d be able to also have a go at ‘transferring’ the funds so, still pushing winners in restricted accounts if it wins or transferring to Betfair if not – you can’t lose either way.

Those are shorter term considerations of course, because in the long run you need value prices, but the whole point is that you have the flexibility to shift balances from here, to there, to everywhere, taking your winnings to where they are permitted.

What about using 'pseudo' accounts? Is this possible and if so, what advice do you provide?

This stuff is just great, although there is the obvious disclaimer that you need to check how doing this affects the legal status of your betting accounts. A pseudo account essentially involves getting other people to open betting accounts for you in their name, which strictly speaking is against the bookies’ rules.

The person would then win in the new accounts long after their own accounts have been restricted or closed. Although the obvious kicker is to make sure there is no trail or way for the bookies to link these new and old accounts together.

You can do this through something called remote desktops or by using 'clean' PC's where the bookies have no record of you winning (or ability to link you as a winner straight away). Similarly you might even do it these days using an iPad and a mobile broadband connection or 3G access.

And then people may choose to repeat the above exercise again and again...

Of course, can we endorse such things? The answer is clearly ‘no’. However, we are able to report on what others do, for knowledge purposes.

Do you need to be an expert to do this? It sounds fairly complex!

Not at all – no need to be an expert. In fact, it’s pretty easy to set these things up. We have a whole section of our guide dedicated to walking you through the technology involved - Remote Desktops.

I first learned about the Remote Desktop function in my previous job, when I had to learn how to log in to my office PC from my own laptop at home. If you were in my office standing next to my office PC you would see the mouse cursor moving, but the buttons were being pressed in my home and from my laptop. Clever stuff!

The bottom line is that it’s very easy to open up your browser and place a bet on one computer, while pressing the buttons on another, for a very modest monthly fee... The guide gives more detail of how some people do this.

Finally, what advice do you have for a) someone worried or affected by restrictions and b) someone who has had accounts closed if they want to keep gambling?

Well if you're worried about restrictions, that's a good sign as it is likely you will be making money, but you do need to learn how to postpone any stake restrictions for as long as possible. The best way to do this is to learn from others, such as via some of the advice in my guide. You can of course use your own research, by discussing it with other punters/tipsters and reading up on it via the various betting forums. Be wary though as there is a lot of misinformation out there, often peddled itself by the bookmakers deliberately looking to confuse matters.

If you have been restricted and you can still use your account, albeit partially, my advice is to play around, see what bets you get accepted. You might be surprised. Sure, you’ll lose a bit of time at worst, but you might learn a thing or two, as I found out with being able to bet on Premier League games to a decent size, even when restricted with a so-called Mickey Mouse bookie. A restricted account is not the end if you play it right.

For someone who has had accounts closed, well there is nothing you can do as those accounts are already gone, barring of course starting out 'afresh' as some people do with the pseudos (acknowledging that technically speaking the bookie may not permit it). It's one reason why prevention is so much better than cure and the longer you leave it, the less you can do something about it.

Summing up, the only way to keep making money once the hurdles hit you is from acquiring expert knowledge on how to preserve the life of accounts and when they can still be useful even if restricted, and many of the key tricks of the trade. Our readers can vouch that our guide certainly helps significantly in that quest, but even stripping out our vested interest in wanting to get you interested in what our guide is about, you can surely learn a lot just from taking the time and effort to read and learn everything you possibly can. As ever, becoming the expert, however you do it and wherever you get the knowledge from, is all that matters.



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