How To Bet On Snooker


How can you turn a profit betting on snooker? Today snooker betting expert Alex Lee shares his insight on how to get the best of the odds when betting on snooker.

Snooker Betting Resources And Live Coverage

It’s vital that you do your research before placing any snooker bet and there are no excuses for not doing so. There are plenty of resources online which will help you make more informed decisions, such as the official site and the fan site to name but two.

A good resource, which gives you a glimpse into the hushed world of the snooker qualifier, is This is a subscription channel but won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Selected matches from pretty much every UK-based qualifier and the odd overseas tournament are screened here and these give you a good insight into players’ strengths and weaknesses, especially emerging players who you might not have previously seen or heard of.

Many matches are also streamed ‘live’ on the likes of Betfair and bet365, but always take into consideration the time lag which can be as much as 30 seconds behind.

In-Running Frame Betting On Betfair

Betfair In snooker, matches, by and large, can’t end in draws (apart from the Premier League), recent head-to-head encounters serve as an excellent indication of how games will turn out and the longer the format the more likely the cream will rise to the top.

A favourite snooker betting strategy of mine is frame betting in-running on Betfair, especially in the bigger tournaments when there is a lot of liquidity in the markets.

What often happens is that the first player to get in among the balls, in other words, looking to make a decent-sized break, will rapidly contract in price in-running to win that particular frame. At this point, put a small lay in so that your liability isn’t anything too scary then prepare for the moment that he misses a pot or runs out of position and his opponent comes in to clear up the rest of the balls and win the frame. You’re then in a nice position to either trade out by backing the player who was looking likely to make a sizable break but failed or simply by letting the lay ride.

Even if the player you laid ends up winning the frame with your lay left unprotected, which can of course also happen, you won’t lose much as you laid him when he was hot favourite so your liability won’t have been high. As soon as the first player who ‘gets in’ tries to split the pack with an aggressive shot, this is usually the pivotal moment of the frame as it can either go swimmingly or horribly wrong! As with all betting in-running, make sure the footage you’re watching is bang up to date. Even the BBC website is a few seconds behind the live BBC TV coverage, for example.

Every Tournament Counts

There are many, many snooker tournaments which are played throughout the year. Value can be had in the early rounds of tournaments, and indeed their qualifiers, where matches can be as short as best of seven. Work on the principle that the shorter the format, the more chance there is of an upset. Conversely, the longer the match, the more likely it is that the better overall player will win.

While a number of tournaments now take place in Asia and mainland Europe, the qualifiers are inevitably in either Sheffield or Doncaster, in the north of England. Matches are usually streamed on and for those of you living in the UK, qualifiers are often free to actually go and watch live.

A good point to be made here is to check on where a player is based and where the match is taking place rather than simply presume that because it’s a qualifier for an Asian event it’s in Asia somewhere. Furthermore, a lot of Asian players are now based in the UK, so be careful when trying to ascertain if there’s going to be any ‘home advantage’.

Be Aware Of The Break-Builders

The likes of O’Sullivan, Robertson, Trump, Ding and Higgins are all capable of multiple century breaks in a single match. Keep an eye on the odds about ‘total centuries’ in matches involving the above players as the odds about total centuries are usually fairly standard and don’t make quite enough allowance for the break-building potential of the above players.

2014 Masters Betting Overview

The Masters, which features the world’s top 16 players, is seen by the pros as the second most prestigious title in snooker, after the World Championships, despite it being a non-ranking event. There’s good reason for this, as in order to win it you have to beat the cream of the crop. This year’s event kicks off with eight very even-looking encounters.

Despite the players being, on the face of it, so evenly-matched, however, there is value to be had in a number of contrasting markets. Four separate examples are detailed below.

The Bingham/Higgins fixture, for example, looks likely to go to a final frame decider as ex-World Champion Higgins has lost a little shine of late while Bingham is playing some superb stuff, thus bringing the pair closer together than they have been in years gone by. A punt on the total frames over 9.5, which covers 4-6, 5-6, 6-5 and 6-4, might be worth a look at odds of 2.10 at Paddy Power.

Meanwhile, Mark Selby plays Mark Davis and while the so-called Jester from Leicester is rightly the odds-on favourite, he does have a habit of slipping up in the first round of tournaments. Bizarrely, Selby often either gets knocked out at the initial stage or goes all the way to the final. A small lay of Selby on Betfair, at around the 1.25 mark, could be the way forward as that price will soon rise in-running if he goes a couple of frames behind. You can then either protect your stake by backing him in-running or hold out till the end, depending on your own personal attitude to risk.

Elsewhere, while Ronnie O’Sullivan is heavily odds-on (1.17 or thereabouts) it might be worth looking at the -1.5 or -2.5 handicap as the last time he faced Robert Milkins – in the UK Championship a couple of months ago – he battered him over the same distance (6-0 in a best-of-11 clash).

Finally, I’m surprised the bookmakers have made Ricky Walden the slight outsider against Barry Hawkins given the recent form of both players. I’ll certainly be taking a look at Walden on the +1.5 handicap, which you should be able to get on at just under even money.

The Masters commences on Sunday January 12 – best of luck!



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